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Food Citations | January 21, 2018

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My funny experience at Come Buy Centris Mall

My funny experience at Come Buy Centris Mall

| On 15, Aug 2013

After buying spaghetti meal for a sick niece, I passed by the Come Buy at Centris Mall. I got attracted with the promo of their milk tea and opted to buy one for my self.

The QQ Milk Tea is now P60.00 from P75.00.

The Come Buy was located at the Ground Floor of the Eton Centris, EDSA cor. Quezon Avenue, just near the jeepney and fx station.

The Come Buy is a place where people can enjoy different refreshments like Milk Tea, shakes and many more. The Centris Mall store was quite attractive for me. It resembles me of a kitchen from American cooking shows. It is also quite clean and organized.

The staff are also polite. The security personnel even asked for my Jollibee paper bag saying that it’s more comfortable for me to fall in line without carrying something. He then put it on the table near cashier. Quite good!

When I’m about to pay for my order, the female crew asked for my name and the funny part begins:

Crew: Anong name nila sir? (What’s your name sir?)
Me:  Ringo (I pronounced it Ringow)
Crew: Sir ano po ulit? (Sir come again?)
Me: Ringo (Ringow). As in Ringo (Ringow) Starr.

The lady crew then giggled and it was obvious that she was trying to hide. I just went back to my seat and waited for my order.

There were only two customers during that time. It was me and a person who’s already enjoying his drink. When the crew shouted that the order was ready. I assumed that it was me despite I am sure that the name called was not mine.

I looked at the sticker of my order and started giggling seeing that the name was “Rainbow” not Ringo. And if we’ll recall I even noted that it was “Ringo as in Ringo Starr.”

My funny conclusion was the crew thought I am using the funny screen name of Rainbow as in Rainbow Starr. That’s why she’s laughing.

Well, this is quite ok for me. No Baring for my QQ Milk Tea Review.

QQ Milk Tea is just ok. The taste of the tea is something that you won’t be looking for. I bought it because I thought the strips are jelly (gulaman) but after I sipped, I found out that it’s a tapioca pearl that comes like noodle strips. You are sipping through a milk tea with tapioca pearls and tapioca strips, imagine that.

When I order milk tea, I always ask to lessen that the tapioca pearls as I’m not a huge fan of drinking a milk tea with too much chewing. So, I can say that I am not impressed with the tapioca strips.

For the QQ Milk Tea it’s 8 over 10. For the place and crew it’s 10 over 10. I am also looking forward with the other products of Come Buy.

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