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Food Citations | December 13, 2017

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My Kiddie Days' Cheap Thrills

My Kiddie Days’ Cheap Thrills

I was like those ordinary kids that will become very happy just in case my mom gave me P5.00. I know that time it can buy many foods that will make my playmates envy me.

Well, all of us became kids and I know those in the 18-30 years old now will surely going to relate with this post and will bring back those memories during their childhood years.

Here are some of my kiddie cheap thrills:

Ding Dong Mixed Nuts

Remember guys?! Ding Dong Mixed nuts is one of those very appealing junk foods by that time. It is only P1.00 and quite bigger than today’s package. Ding Dong is composed of green peas, corn bits, nuts and many more. As far as I know, by that time Ding Dong has this 1 piece kind of nut in every pack that is very delicious called the fava beans and I can remember the first thing that caught my attention was the elf in the package.

Happy Peanuts

Happy arepPeanuts packed in a  shiny plastic. Correct me if I’m wrong, by my time, “Happy Peanuts” has only one flavor. It is with the violet package. But now, it has 5. When I was a kid, I love the crunchiness of every peanuts inside.

Happy Peanuts will never be absent during my family’s night time bonding.

Hany bar

Chocobot was the first to offer peanut butter, choco and milk craze. Then came “Hany.”

Today, I can’t see Chocobot anymore, but Hany still survived and kicking the ompetition. By that time, I’m not a fan of peanut butter but because my friends loved them, I just took a ride on and buy these little buddies, get used to the flavor it offers and up to now, I still love it.

I remember that a friend of mine was using “Hany” as a spread on his bread. Being the envious kid, I tried it, but it just didn’t work.

Mentos Mint Candy

The popping candy –This just make “Mentos” very popular. They showed the kiddies that you don’t need to open “Mentos” and all you need to do is to press the pack while pushing the candies and it will pop away to your mouth. These candies, by that time, cost only P.50 cents each, but now it’s P1.00.

Many of us will waste money because of the magic that when you put “Mentos” into a cola, it will explode and the soda will come running out of the bottle like a volcano. I remember when I did that, to my surprise my mom was actually watching me and suddenly she came and pinched me.

Yakee and Pintoora Bubblegum

Yakee is a rounded gum coated with a very sour flavor. It is the local version of the very expensive Cry Baby Gum. Cry Baby, by that time is P5.00 and not every kids can afford that. But when Yakee came, for only P1.00, Cry Baby just disappeared all of a sudden. Yakee gum has been a trip of all the kids up to now, it’s not delicious, but because of it’s very sour taste kids came running after it.

Pintoora Bubble is the very sweet gum that the color comes out when wet and will color your entire mouth with a very dark tint. Pintoora came from the Filipino term “Pintura” meaning paint. When I was a kid, I loved the monstrous look after eating these gums and we even acted like vampires.

Stay Fresh Menthol Candies

Remember, the small green balls packed in green shiny plastic?! Yeah, it’s alive again.. The ever popular Stay Fresh Candy. Me and my childhood pals, don’t love mint candies, but because you can play with it, we waste money for it.

We put a piece on lips while facing up and will blow a very light air and will make the ball floating  mimicking those of the lotteries. We have fun doing those hilarious things.

Moby Crunchy Chocolate

The chocolate yet crunchy craze was started by “Moby” when I was a kid, it started with bag packs, mostly worth P5.00 each. But, when they introduced the small packs that is worth P1.00 every kids in our neighborhood were munching the little crunchies.  Way back, I’m not that addicted to “Moby,” but it still served as my comfort food.

Now, my nieces are enjoying these puffs, everytime I gave them one they come in a hurry. Moby have made it to top until now. On our sari-sari store it is still the favorite of the kids.

Tooty Frooty Lollipop

Another survivor from my childhood days and have been topping sales based on our sari-sari store. Tutty Fruity Lollipop has never been removed on my mind when I was a kid. The sweet tooth in me, by that time is looking for the flavor that each and every variety offer. I can’t be able to see the color green of Tutty Fruity lollipops anymore as that was my favorite back then.

Now, I’m kinda disgusted with the taste of the lollipops. It’s plain sugar with little flavor. lol

White Rabbit

The butter-toffee flavor makes this candy very popular. During my childhood years, this is only P.50 cents but now it’s P1.00 and a little smaller than before. When I was a kid every time I am bored this is on of the candies that keeps my mouth busy.

I even remember a time that when I am lonely, for simple reasons like I can’t buy the toy I like, I will just get some money from my savings and will buy white rabbit, then I’m ok.

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