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Food Citations | January 21, 2018

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My Niece's Jollibee Party at the Regalado Branch

| On 08, May 2012

My sister, Riza and her daughter Zoe with Hetty and Twirlie

I have mentioned in my review on Jollibee Sundae Mix-ins Milo Blast Review that I went to Jollibee Regalado to book my niece’s birthday party.

Last April 29th, the celebration of my niece, Zoe Audrienne’s birthday began and for me the birthday party was successful. But, allow me to use this blog to review the whole birthday package from booking up to the end of the party.

Booking and Reservations

It’s a much delight that you can reserve online. My sister, who is actually in Singapore reserved the April 29th slot and despite she is away, she was able to communicate with the officials. My sister just sent me the email of the Jollibee where the plan is included and in that email, is an instruction saying that we can just go to the Jollibee Regalado Branch to pay for the reservations. Here is a screen shot:

But, much to my expectation, upon trying to book, Nick asked me the copy of the Party Plan. I explained to him that the email just instructed us to go directly and pay. I even noted him that we reserved online, therefor, it should be in their database. But, with all dignity, he said that I should have the copy. He even insisted that my sister must be the one paying the reservations, because she planned for it. I said she was in Singapore, but Nick again, with all dignity said that they can’t book without party plan. I even got frustrated and almost walked away. Before I leave to have my email checked in the nearest computer shop and reprint the copy, one of the managers said that the party plan is already in the log book. She even said “Sabi ko kasi nasa log book na yan. Langya ka di ka nagchecheck“. Out of frustration, I just said “Sabi ko sayo meron kayong copy niyan“.

Note: I mean no harm. Just telling the story.

The booking, to be honest, took very long. Because Nick found hard times punching the details. The contract even got deficiencies as Nick made mistakes. Again, please bear with me, I am just stating a real story.

To successfully book, you must have to pay at least 50% of the food and 100% of the add-ons. In our case, in fairness to them, they allowed us to pay only 1/4 of the total foods as my sis wanted an extravagant add-ons.

The Party Place

The Party place of Jollibee Regalado is on the second floor. Upon entering, the place is “L” shape and I can say it’s big enough to accommodate the 30+ people that my sister invited. The chairs and table are also far enough from each others to make the diners comfortable. It’s also very clean.

The Jollibee Regalado’s Party Place from the entrance view

Hmm.. I can say it’s a very great place. For this department, two thumbs up, Jollibee Regalado.

The Giveaway, Game Prizes and The Cake

The giveaway is a bag with some toys inside. The bags were given to the kids who attended the party. The bag has toys, Jollibee cards, candies, Thumbler and many more. I asked one of my cousins who received the bag and he said, he is very happy with the gift.

The giveaway bags from Jollibee

The prices are toys, cards, school supplies like pens, erasers and many more featuring Jollibe and it’s mascots. Again, these are for the kids. The prizes are really attractive as I can see kids coming back and forth to the table checking the prizes. I also saw my cousin looked at the table then run, have his brother to look for something on the table and they jumped in excitement.

The prizes for the games

The cake is quite good. It is the medium size (8 by 12 inches) chocolate cake with some graphics of Jollibee. We aren’t able to eat the cake during the party, but when we got home, we munched on it and oh men! It’s delicious. The icing, as far as I know, is called Marshmallow Icing and it’s very yummy, it’s spongy and a little chewy. The chocolate cake is also delicious.

Again, two thumbs up for the cake.

The delicious cake, it is actually created by Red Ribbon

The Mascots

My sister got Twirlie and Hetty as additional mascots. Plus, Jollibee that is already included in the party fee. Their appearance is only for 15 minutes.

Twirlie and Hetty appeared first and entertained the kids. They joined the “Bring Me” game.

About 10 minutes later, with a red carpet like introduction Jollibee entered. Of course, the kids went crazy when they saw Jollibee. Mostly of the kids run after and hugged him, including  the birthday celebrant.

Hetty, Jollibee and Twirlie playing with my nieces

The three mascots gave us a dance number and in fairness, all of them can dance. Minutes later, they gave Zoe, the birthday celebrant some wishes through sign languages to which the host interpreted before blowing the cake.

Hetty and Twirlie left earlier, but Jollibee roam around and posed for the camera. I can say that the mascots are quite friendly for the kids. It’s a little funny that Hetty sometimes has this awkward movement, maybe, due to the heavy head the person inside is carrying.

All in all, I can still have thumbs up for the mascots.

The Host, Party Proper and Foods

I would like to commend the host whose name is Mark. He is quite good at organizing and leading the party. In just two hours of the party, he was able to make it with continuous flow and what is great, there are no dull moments. Even if he has to cut a scene, he can do it with class. So when you will book a party at Jollibee Regalado, QC ask for Mark to host the party. His hosting skills are undeniably great.

The party goes like this: Opening prayer, Crews’ presentation (they danced), games, mascots dancing, eating, candle blowing, picture taking with Jollibee and as an ending part my sis’ message.

They served the adults with Jollibee Palabok, chicken meal and some desserts while the kids were served with Jollibee Spaghetti, french fries and ice cream. The crews who served the food were are also good, they make sure that all were given. I worked as a cameraman and therefor, was a little busy, but I was also approached to where is my table and gave me my foods.


The party is very successful. Based on the kids’ smile, I can say they are contended. The flow of the party is also great, Kudos to Mark. The foods are also delicious, I just took home my chicken, as I am really bloated with the Palabok, soft drink and ice cream.

I asked my sister, the mother of the celebrant to rate them and she said it’s 9 in a 1-10 scale, 10 as the highest. For me, it’s also great. I will also give them 9 as a rating.

The P18,000 that my sister paid is quite worthy.

If you are planning to have a party at Jollibee and you are near at Regalado, QC. I highly recommend that place. This branch will never fail you.

To reserve a birthday party at Jollibee visit the link >>>


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  1. Riza

    My Daughter is happy with the party!

  2. Hi Good Day ! Ask ko lang po .. ung cake po ba included na po ba yun sa party fee or bukod pa ang bayad ?

  3. Rose

    Tganks for your blog. Now I know where will I celebrate my daughter’s 8th birthday. 🙂

  4. Kline

    How much yung fee nila for additional mascot? Thanks!

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