Myth Buster: brown sugar for healthier benefits
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It can be heard that brown sugar is a better alternative than white sugar. Some, who will pick up a cup of coffee in fast food chains, will ask for the darker sweetener.

Now, is it really true? Read further.

How are they made?

Ordinary table sugar is made from the juice of a sugar cane that is crystallized with the use of sugar. Yes, you heard it… we needed a few bits of sugar to turn the liquid into tons of sugar.

usually, sugar processors will cut the process short to create the white ones since they are the most in demand. To make brown sugar, the molasses, which has been separated in the process were added.

So, basically, brown sugar is white sugar with molasses to make it moister, a little bitter, and suited for baking.

Is it healthier?

Yes. Molasses contains vitamins and minerals so we can say it’s healthier. However, there are some companies that use bleach and other chemicals in order to make the crystals sparkling white. Some of the chemicals added are for industrial use.

Sorry to burst in the bubbles but in terms of calories, there is not much difference. According to Google, a tablespoon of brown sugar has 50 calories while white sugar has 48 calories. Frustrated? Well, there’s more… since brown sugar is blander, you’ll need more to achieve the taste that you wanted.

Healthier alternatives

If you are into watching weight by cutting down your sugar intake, you can use stevia, coco sugar, agave, and many more. If you are into nutrition, you can use the earlier-mentioned alternatives and honey. However, all of them can cause pocket aches.

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