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Food Citations | January 21, 2018

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Nestle's Fruit Selection Yogurt

| On 09, Jun 2012

I’m not a health buff, but will still prefer delicious and healthy food than delicious, unhealthy foods. So, I will prefer a frozen yogurt than ice cream. Yogurt is healthier as this has live microorganisms that is very good for digestion and because it came from a fermented milk, it has protein and calcium.

One of the best thing is that yogurt is available in your nearest grocery and this is with the help on Nestle. This is through Nestle’s Fruit Selection Yogurt.

Flavors, Packaging, Price and Availability

The Nestle’s Fruit Selection Yogurt comes in in 6 flavors: Strawberry, Mango, Ube Langka, Melon Nata, Berry Mix and Raspberry Apple. There are also seasonal flavors. Variety like half yogurt and half jelly which comes in Strawberry and Buco Pandan. There is also what call Acti-V and plain creamy yogurt.

The yogurts come in 125 grams and whopping 500 grams family pack. The 125 grams comes in a small cup and available in all flavors I mentioned above, while the family pack comes in pint container, I’m not sure, but based on my observation only for selected flavors only. The Acti-V which is available in 100 grams and comes in smaller pack than those 125 grams with strawberry flavor.

The 125 grams will cost P28.00 each while the Acti-V is worth P25.00.

Tastes, Likes and Dislikes

I love all the flavors instead of the plain one. I concluded that the plain flavor is created for culinary purposes. I am not a melon lover, but surprisingly I found the Melon Nata as the best flavor of all. The Acti-V is heavier than the regular strawberry flavor.

The best thing about The Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt are the fresh fruit bits that will make you chewing.

This is also very good for weight and calorie watchers as the 125 grams only has 110 calories while the Acti-V only has 117 calories. There are also fruit flavors that is 0% fat that only has 66 calories.

The main offering of this product is the tummy-friendly benefits. The 125 grams of the yogurt contains billions of microorganisms that helps in digestion. This is also rich in calcium and protein for bones, teeth and muscles. I will not going to mention the benefits of the fruits in every flavor as this post will become over the top.

The yogurt has early expiry dates which is about a few months to manufacture date. Potassium Sorbate used as preservative is considered safe. The toxicity level of this material is just like same level of salt.

The things that I don’t like are those flavors that has jelly. I found the jelly contradicting to the yogurt. The cover of the 125 grams will easily tear off and I experience making a mess when I pack it for a travel.


Well, obviously, I loved The Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt, I can chow down even the 500 grams in one sitting. I am a fruit lover and at the same time, a yogurt lover, therefor, this snack is for me.

A highly recommended product, it’s cheap, available everywhere, healthy and most of all delicious. Go to your nearest grocery and grab a Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt.

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