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Food Citations | December 12, 2017

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New Cornetto Disc

New Cornetto Disc

Have you heard the song “Hey Day Dreamer” with lyrics “You and me sitting on a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G” used in new Cornetto Disc commercial? Just a trivia, it was sang by the band called Someday Dream, a Filipino band coming from Ateneo. Yup! Though they sound foreign they are actually group of local musicians who can provide foreign sounds. Fantastic, Right?!

Well, anyway, let us all go back to foods. Cornetto disc is the newest addition to the varieties of one of the most popular coned ice cream the “Cornetto”. The disc is like any cornetto with yummy chocolate sauce in the center of the ice cream and with nutty disc on top.

Here in the Philippines, Cornetto Disc comes in vanilla and chocolate flavor. This disc and sauce inside only have one flavor and it’s chocolate. If you want vanilla don’t expect vanilla disc and sauce only chocolate.

The Package and Price

Cornetto disc comes in blue (vanilla) and caramel brown (chocolate) packages. Just like any ordinary Cornetto, the ice cream it is covered with paper that is hard enough to withstand the ice cream but, can’t be easily torn when you are eating it.

I bought the two flavors in the nearest grocery on our place. It’s worth P25.00 each.

The Ice Cream

Cornetto Disc opened

The ice cream is ordinary, no special flavors at all. I am not a fan of plain-flavored ice cream, so I didn’t enjoyed it that much. I don’t know what type of chocolate they used for the disc, but I think, based on the taste and texture, it is the liquid chocolate that easily turns into solid and crunchy choco that is used to coat ice creams like those of pinipig crunch. The chocolate syrup inside is scattered all over the place.

The Verdict

Look at the choco sauce in the vanilla, it’s scattered around

I shared the Vanilla to my youngest sister and joked “Ayoko niyan, di pala tumutunog pag binuksan (waley!!)”. I asked her how was it? She said, it was ordinary and she doesn’t like the disc. Maybe because the ice cream is already melted that’s why my sis’ chocolate sauce is already all over the ice.

Me, based on my taste preferences, I’m not satisfied. As I said above, not a fan of plain ice cream. I sometimes ignore it when there is a plain ice cream available in our freezer.  I love the chocolate sauce as mine was still intact in the center. When I am consuming the cone I just found out that the sauce was already dripping on my foot.

We have different tastes when it comes to food. So, try Cornetto Disc yourself and experience this dessert.

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