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Food Citations | December 13, 2017

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O My Yogurt at SM Fairview

O My Yogurt at SM Fairview

Yogurt is quite healthier than ice cream. It has good bacteria that is very good to the digestive system of humans. Such bacteria helps in the immunity of the tummy and an aid for you metabolism.

Everytime I go to the mall, I will never forget to buy myself a cup of frozen yogurt. I am a sucker for this treat. For me, I can dig down 5 cups of it and will just stop when I’m bloated.

One of the best Yogurt outlet so far was the O My Yogurt at SM Fairview.

Created by KM Logic Group, O MY Yogurt has a very unique and delightful ways to serve you with the healthiest dessert.

The Place and Employees

The O My Yogurt branch in SM Fairview was located in AX2 103 ground floor annex 2 building, near SM Supermarket.

The O My Yogurt at SM Fairview

The place is fabulous, the chairs and tables will make you comfortable. There were even a sofa mimicking a sala set that is good for groups. The flooring was also great, it’s very obvious that the store is just new. The place is very clean and will give them 10 out of 10 for it.

I also loved the bar-like lay-out of the place. The taylor machines were located at the other end of the store and on the left side were the cups and on the right side were the toppings and the counter area.

The girl taking care of the place is very friendly. She used to smile a lot, answered all my questions happily and she is pretty. She is also fast in taking care of our orders and she never failed to impress me. If my memory serves me right, her name was Rocheu.

Ordering Process, The Yogurts and Price

Process of getting your yogurt is self-service. Get your own cups on the shelf beside the taylor machines, freely fill it with yogurt, go to the table for your toppings of choice and pay. This process was really enjoyed by my nieces and they are very happy after they got their own yogurt.

Above: The taylor machine where you are free to have as many yogurt as you can, just pay it after.

My niece, Samantha, enjoying the process of getting her own yogurt

For the yogurt you will pay P20.00 per oz. For my nieces’ cup we paid P150.00 including Kit-Kat and chocolate fudge toppings. For me it’s a little pricey for a cup. If we recall, Yes Yes Yo! Yogurt will only cost you P35.00 a cup. But, stating that you can choose from different flavors, and will make you comfortable because they have their own place, the price is ok for me.

The Yogurts, Toppings and Verdict

Plain, Choco and Mango flavored yogurt with choco syrup and Kit-Kat Toppings

My two nieces who shared a cup of yogurt chose vanilla, mango and chocolate flavor. They asked for Kit-Kat and chocolate syrup as toppings and based on my observation they really loved it. One of my sister chose chocolate and vanilla for her yogurt and strawberry syrup as toppings. I asked them if it’s delicious, all of them said yes.

There are 16 flavors available. But, in the SM Store there were only 8 machines, maybe they are just alternating the flavors from time to time. There are also lots of toppings to choose from. According to the website there were 36 naturals and dried toppings to choose from.

The flavors of yogurt available that day

For me, the original yogurt is still the best. I also add chocolate in my cup and never asked for any toppings as I only want the yogurt. Though, I found chocolate also delicious, the next time, I will have it all original.

I’m really impressed with O My Yogurt. In terms of taste, employees, place and everything. Though, they have a little pricey product, I will still recommend the place to my friends. I will still go back there and have my cup or may cups of yogurt to keep me relaxed and have a treat for my self.

A highly recommended place.

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  1. Jov

    kailan po kayo nagvisit sa omy sa sm fairview? huhuhu I was looking for this store for years. Kasi nagclose yung branch na malapit samin 🙁

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