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Food Citations | April 30, 2017

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Oishi Manju – The Yummy Waffle

Oishi Manju – The Yummy Waffle

One of the pioneer in the waffle industry is the Oishi Manju. I used to see their stalls since I was high school. I can remember after hard times in school, my friends and I used to go to Robinsons mall in Novaliches and will cheap-in to have enough money to buy a box or two of these yummy treats. Then we will stay in the food court and will chit-chat while digging down the steaming hot waffle. Then, were ready for tomorrow.

Oishi Manju are Korean cakes. They are pancakes shaped into molds with chocolate or pastillas fillings inside. The best way to eat these are after coming out from the mold and steaming hot.

Way back then, the pieces of Oishi Manju is like the figure of a leaf, now it is rectangular shape. They use small pans with partnered molds and partnered holes where they put the pancake-like mixture, add fillings on the other side of the hole then will close the pan to create the a whole piece of Oishi Manju.


The enticing display in Ever Commonwealth stall

The Stall

Today, I used to take home these bite sized craze from the Ever Gotesco, Commonwealth. The stall was located in the ground floor in front of the Max’s Restaurant. The guy taking care of the stall was the only one in charge and he had been doing it many years now. The great  this is he never failed to impress me with his quickness in taking orders. In terms of cleanliness, I am also quite impressed.

The guy makes lots of cakes all the time. But, he never failed me to have teaming hot cakes everytime I make orders.

He is also friendly as well. When I asked if I can take pictures he smile and said “Sure po sir.” He always greets customers who wanted to buy the products.


The stall of Oishi Manju in Ever Gotesco, Commonwealth

The Price

For the “Snack Pack” with 4 pieces of Oishi Manju is worth P15.00. The “Paper Pack” with 8  pieces will cost you P28.00. The “Small Box” with 15 pieces of the cakes is P53.00 and the “Big Box” with 24 pieces is P84.00. For me the prices are just enough for the treats.

The Packaging

It’s always take-out orders. The “Snack Pack” and “Paper Pack” comes in a small, white paper bags, it’s parchment paper turned into paper bags. The “Small Box” and “Big Box,” comes in same box. The box while travelling will soften as it absorbs moisture.

I don’t know what’s up, but there is a sticker “M” added to the box, making the name “Moishi Manju.” Have they already changed the name? I don’t know.


Take-out order (big box) from Oishi Manju, see the letter “M” sticker?!

The Verdict

For me, the price P84.00 is ok. With it you can already have  24 pieces of delicious waffle with delicious fillings. Me, I love the Pastillas than the chocolate. But, because my nieces loved the chocolate more, I ask the guy in the stall to make the package with assorted cakes.

When you put the box on our table, within an hour you will never see pieces of Oishi Manju anymore. The persons in our house including the kids are crazy over these bite-size madness.

A highly recommended treat.

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I am Ringo and allow me to say not an ordinary man. I've been working home base since 2009 and as of now, has no plans of returning to corporate. Web designer. Frustrated chef. Foodie. Good son (ehem!). Good father (to two labrador retrievers). And, a servant of God.


  1. Luchie


    I am quite impressed with the review here, it is very detailed from the priceto packaging. Maybe I have bumped with they author in Ever Gotesco many times as me too is an avid fan of these little cakes..

    I also love it steaming hot on a way that your tongue are getting scalded.

    Thanks for the review, an avd fan of your blog

    • Yuri

      Good day,

      There is an alternative to what you are looking for.

      It is Lucky Manjo

      Lucky Manjo is a Korean Style cake baked fresh by an automated mini cake baking machine. Unlike their counterpart, Lucky Manjo’s machines are capable of producing 4 flavors and is equipped with the latest technology. their machines are highly sophisticated with an on board computer and sensors and with a touch screen interface and is fully automated. they are currently having contracts with Gaisano Malls here in Cebu and are expanding to others malls outside Cebu as well.

      they are currently selling franchises to interested parties. They are located ate Mandaue City

      To Contact them, here are their numbers

      Luky Manjo (website currently under construction)

      I hope this helps

  2. shala esparrago

    hi! i would like to inquire if oishi manju is for franchise? and how much? who to call and contact numbers? tnx and i’m looking forward for your reply! Have a good day!

  3. Ringo

    Hi Steve,

    Try this link >> They maybe deleted the last page I posted.

    Luck Manjo (Comment above) is only a commenter. I don’t have control about the email he posted.


    Ringo 🙂

    • Steve

      Thank you Ringo!
      I got the Facebook page.
      Thank you for your time.

      • Jonald

        Hi Steve!

        Have you already franchise Moshi Manju??Can I have the details about the franchise fee..I had plan to open it in our place..I am looking forward for your immediately reply..

        Best regards,


      • Jen

        Hi Steve,

        May I ask if you got any idea or information regarding the franchise of moishi manju?

  4. Jor

    Hi, do you happen to know the recipe of this?

  5. June

    Please send me the exact address where i can ask for franchise if ever..if their is a contact # it would be okey..i am interest to 1 of this in my city..thanks

  6. marc


    I find this business interesting. Can anyone who can give their website or where I can inquire for the franchising. Heres my email add.

    Thank you

  7. Johannah Marie Mariga

    Hi , I just want to ask where can i franchise oishi manju . I ‘m interested to have a business like this . Can you helpme to have contacts with them . Thanks

  8. Vanessa quimzon

    Good day

    Can i request to have the quotation of oishi interested to franchise


  9. Nelienar Mateo

    Hi im interested this business pls send me a details on how to franchise. THANKS

  10. Genner

    Hi I just want to ask for Oishi Manju or Lucky manju franchise and how much? I am very interested. please pakihelp naman po. salamat.

  11. melody destura

    im interested to franchise oishi to contact them?

  12. lady neza sabanal

    Hi, I’m very interested of franchising oishi manju ,longing for your reply,.. Daghang salamat.

  13. Janette

    Im so interested to franchise this KOREAN OISHI MANJU where can i call this company!

  14. RaymondD

    Hello and God day
    Would like to know how to franchise Oishi Manju.

    Kindly please send the qoutations and brochures to

    Thank you 🙂

  15. Hello! I would like to know how to franchise moshi manju and gow much. Kindly email me the details. Thank you and God bless. 😊

  16. mary jane bermudo

    Good afternoon Sir/ma’am, i’m very much interested to francise oishi manju. How and how much po. Pls send a detail to my email add sir. Thank you

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