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Food Citations | January 18, 2018

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Our Il Mercanti Food Adventure

Our Il Mercanti Food Adventure

Last Saturday, me and my college friends scheduled a get together to watch “Praybeyt Benjamin.” Though we are only composed of five, we were able to enjoy (Who will not enjoy “Praybeyt Benjamin” anyway?!). After the movie, we prepared ourselves to go to Banchetto, but for some reasons we changed our mind and just go to “Il Mercanti” at Metrowalk, Pasig City.

Il Mercanti is a food bazaar that started last September 27, 2011. This place is open during Wednesday to Saturday from 7:00 p.m. til 4:00 a.m. In this place, people will enjoy different food from appetizers to dessert, from meat to vegetables, from common dishes to unique one.

This is also a food bazaar for those who are in budget as there are stalls selling complete meals for only P80.00. If you want to pig-out just go to this place.

For persons who have their own vehicles, you will never have problems as this food bazaar was located in a parking lot. The only thing that I don’t like is that the tables for diners are located beside the vehicles. There are times that when the cars are about to leave, you’ll inhale smoke.

Upon arriving in front of “Il Mercanti,” you can see the smoke, likely coming from grills of stores there. You can also smell the aroma and flavors from the smoke.

I instantly get my camera and ready to aim.

The first stall we saw was catering meats including cordon bleu, chicken roll, fish fillet and many more.

One of my favorite stall was the Sushi Mo. They sell mouth watering maki and rice rolls. The price ranges from P65.00 to P85.00 for a long rice roll. They will be the one to chop the rice roll for you. For me, two thumbs up for the rice rolls.


I am telling you guys, when you are on a diet you should forget it. Specially when you saw the stalls catering desserts like Medchef. They have tower cakes, banoffee cake, brownies and many more. When I got through that stall, my mouth kept on water.



Other stalls catering sweets were Goodie Foddie selling cupcakes, Aling Soming where they sell different pastries like oatmeal bar, butter scotch and brownies, and Sweet Mums where they are selling the mouth watering different flavors of cheese cakes, chocolate cakes and many more.


For me, the best stall was the Pasta Boulivar. They cater different pasta and stuffed pizza. It’s like 2 pizza layers with more stuff in the center. It took us about fifteen minutes to have our order as the crew were serving many customers.

I ordered sisig with rice and stuffed pizza form Pasta Boulivar. My friends ordered Sisig Shawarma with rice, Lechong kawali with rice, shrimp with rice and pork barbecue with rice. As the blogger I wanted to taste my friends order, so I did. Though I found my food delicious, I am recommending the Sisig Shawarma with rice and Lechong Kawali.

I asked my friends if they are satisfied with their food all of them said yes.

We weren’t able to finish the stuffed pizza as the rice meals alone will have you bloated. I just took it home and my sisters agreed with me when I said the pizza is delicious. The P130.00 for a pizza is quite worthy.

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  1. Great! thanks for the share!

  2. Michael Pineda

    honestly the stuffed pizza is horrible, all you can taste is the bread… they made it too thick for a deep dish pizza. Compare theirs to Sbarro’s you’ll see a huge difference. Out of all the desserts there I would have to say though Rogelio’s is the best, sadly haven’t seen him around this week. You should also try Mixed Rice, Shrymp, Cebu Lechon, Fat Chicken and Amburger, hands down probably the best food you’ll get at Il Mercanti at the moment

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