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Food Citations | January 18, 2018

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Pan De Pidro's Pan de Coco is the one of the best

Pan De Pidro’s Pan de Coco is the one of the best

Way back in college, me and my friends always notice this long line in the Pan De Pidro (PDP) stall and out of curiosity we ask someone what is the trend and answered that it’s the Pan De Coco. Due to our night shift schedule, we arrive late and every time we wanted to buy that bread, it’s always sold-out. One enrollment day, we arrived early and no line in the said stall that just opened and when we got Pan De Coco, then we knew why.

Pan De Coco is popularly known as coconut bread. It originally started in Honduras and now their staple food. It is a bread with sweet grated coconut inside. It’s a funny thing that I hate Pan De Coco but when I tasted the Pan De Pidro’s, I instantly became a fan. I only eat Pan De Coco when it’s Pan De Pidro’s.

Pan de PidroPan De Pidro, according to their website,  is  a bakery that started 2005 by couple Gillie and Peter a.k.a “Pidro.” They established PDP due lack of bakeries offering the old-style freshly baked breads for Pinoys. They easily numbered, but stayed in their vision to become the well-known traditional community bakery. They said, PDP is bringing back the good old times to the neighbors’ door step.

Well, I can say that PDP have kept their promise as there is a near Pan de Pidro our place and I can see it anywhere near a community.  I bought the Pan De Coco in Km. 18 Commonwealth Avenue, Batasan Hills, Quezon City Outlet (near Sandigan Bayan).

The Price

Way back my college years, about 2006-2008 the Pan De Coco is only 3.50-4.50 but now, it’s worth P6.50. Well it’s expensive and the promise of neighborhood bakery haven’t kept. Keep reading for my price-taste verdict.

The personnel taking care of the outlet is kind and courteous. I only have P50.00 by that time and joked her “Miss libre mo nako ng dos para 8 pieces” and she did, she gave me 8 pieces. I asked her name but she’s very shy giving it. She is very fast in accommodating the customers.

The Bread

Compared to to other Pande Coco, PDP’s the biggest so far. It is 3 inches with thick feelings inside. The smell is quite appetizing.

The Taste and Verdict

Pan de Pidro's Pan De Coco bite.jpg

The creamy fillings inside every Pan de coco of PDP

As I said above, not a fan of Pan De Coco, it’s because of the feelings that is pure sugar and grated coconut only. But, PDP’s have creamy taste and not too sweet but enough to complement the tasteless bread covering the feelings. There were these unexplained kicks when you are chewing this bread, it’s like flavors are exploding inside your mouth.

I shared it with my cousin, sisters and nieces and they all agreed it’s very good. When I reveal the price, they were really shocked, but when I asked them to compare it with cheaper Pan De Coco, they said PDP’s the best and will not buy Pan De Coco from any other bakeries.

For me, really, it is expensive for a piece especially for those in the lower classes. But, because they one of a kind, they have higher prices. Maybe, the higher price is also because of the higher prices of the raw materials needed in making the bread. Whatsoever the reason it is still high.

Am I going to buy more Pan de Coco from PDP? Yes, despite the fact, they are expensive they can still satisfy my hunger. Am I recommending it? Yes, definitely, try it yourself.

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