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Food Citations | February 19, 2018

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90's Cheap Thrill: Peter's Butter Balls

90’s Cheap Thrill: Peter’s Butter Balls

| On 22, Aug 2014

Tumbang Preso, Piko, Mataya-taya and Patintero are some of the games that makes our lives – the 90’s babies – very rich.

During those days – just after playing – the sweaty, dirty kids will take a rest on the gutters of the streets with little teasing whosoever the “burot” is. After a few minutes, those who were given with some few coins by their parent, brothers and sisters will go directly to the nearest sari-sari store to buy kiddie foods. Some will buy “ice water” and will share it with their playmates.

Me, one of my favorite candies during those early days of life is the Peter’s Butter Ball.


This is the candy that is not very appealing to my eyes. That time, the brown packaging that has clear parts exposing the brown candy inside doesn’t look like it is delicious. But when the first time I tasted it, my kiddie tongue instantly love it. I first tasted it when a playmate gave me some with me hesitating to eat it as I really don’t like the packaging.

The internet doesn’t provide any information about this wonderful candy; only a Facebook Fanpage created by a fan for the fans. So, I can’t also look for information such as history and recipe.

The Butter balls, based on my eyes, went missing for some time. Not until I found it in the sari-sari store that my parents own. Upon seeing it, the kiddie in me turned on and picked it. Much to my delight, my adult taste buds still preferred the flavors inside that the small ball offers.

Taste, Price and Availability

Way back my childhood days, you can buy this for P.50 a piece. When you have a buddy, both of you can enjoy a butter ball. Now, it is worth P1.00 each. I can say, this candy is still quite cheap based on the distinct and explosive flavor. The size also didn’t change.

Aside from my parents’ sari-sari store, I also use to see Peter’s Butter Balls in the nearby stores, sidewalk vendors and even groceries. So, we can say this is widely spread.


The taste? This has resemblance with butterscotch. Since butterscotch is soft and chewy I will enjoy it more. The combination of buttery flavor with sweet kicks and a little saltiness makes it different from most of the candies out there. We all know that candies usually have sweet or sweet and minty flavors.


Butter Balls made me and the rest of my co-90’s babies’ life very colorful. It made our after-playtime more enjoyable. Now, that I’m all grown, I still love the rich flavors present in the candy. Despite I don’t crave for it anymore, this is still the first candy that I will pick.

I gave some pieces to my four-year-old niece and she wondered if it’s delicious or not. I just asked her eat it and just like me, she instantly got hooked. Now, she use to ask me about this “brown candy,” a great proof that this can also make her kiddie days great.

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