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Food Citations | December 13, 2017

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Philippines' Cheap, yet All-Time Favorite Dish

Philippines’ Cheap, yet All-Time Favorite Dish

Whatever status you have, whoever or  wherever you are, I know you will going to mouth water for this post. This enlisted all time Filipino favorite dish that have been there in the earliest years, yet won’t cost you so much.

I have friends in the higher classes who enjoy these dishes. I have balik-bayan sister, relatives and friends that whenever they are in the Philippines they always request for such. I know it’ll be a torture for Filipinos outside the Philippines as they will again miss Philippines. But what can I do?! It’s food blog.

Anyway, are you guys now ready?….. Therefor, aim and read!!!

Nilagang Kangkong with Bagoong and Kamatis

Kangkong or water spinach was used in the Philippines as all time ingredients to many dish. But, many people around the Philippines actually dig this as a meal.  Me, I love this vegetable especially when it is boiled; and with kamatis (tomato) and sweetened bagoong (shrimp paste) on the side. I will chow them upon seeing that it was our viand.

All classes of families here in the Philippines actually love this. Maybe because of our tradition. Want a proof? Chowking, an international fast food caters this one. They have this Kangkong with bagoong in their menu.

A bundle of kangkong in local markets in the Philippines ranges from P5.00 to P10.00. This is only worth P16.00. Very cheap right, yet mouth watering.

Pritong Talong with Kamatis and Bagoong

Talong with Bagoong

Talong or eggplant is the country’s most popular vegetable. You can even see it sold everywhere.

I even once saw a backyard in the urban area with talong plants in pots.

Also used in different dishes, talong is best fried with tomatoes and sweetened shrimp paste as a dip.

What’s great about this dish is that the flesh of fried talong compliments the tomato and bagoong. And, when you put in into rice there is an unexplainable kick while chewing. This is also best eaten traditionally, with bare hands.

A 1/4 kilo of talong is worth P14.00 that’s composed of 2 pieces of medium sized fruit. All in all, this will only cost you P22.00.

Nilagang Talbos ng Kamote with Kamatis and Bagoong

talbos with bagoong.jpg

Another grass-like vegetable here in the Philippines is the talbos ng kamote (Sweet potato). This is also added as ingredient to main dish and However, often used as viand.

Filipinos used to boil this with little salt then with kamatis and sweetened bagoong as a dip and best eaten with steaming plane rice.

When you buy talbos ng kamote make sure that you will buy the violet colored leaves as experts found out that the darker the color the healthier it is. This is because the plant is concentrating the extra nutrients it received from different sources.

A bundle of this vegetable is usually worth P5.00, so it’s quite cheap, yet very nutritious.

Tuyo with Sukang Pinakurat

Tuyo with Bagoong.jpg

Tuyo is a herring that is sun dried and salted to preserve.

There are people who don’t like the smell of tuyo specially the non-Filipinos. Many love it with champorado, a combination that I can’t get along.

The way to cook this fish is by frying them, but many wanted it grilled. This is best eaten with plain rice and sukang pinakurat.

Pinakurat is a variety of vinegar that has distinct flavor. You can do this by soaking spices like chilies, onion, garlic, pepper and many more spices in vinegar.

A tuyo is available here in the Philippines through sari-sari store for only P2.00-3.00 each and a complete meal with 4 pieces of tuyo is estimated worth P20.00.

I love to eat this during rainy season, maybe because of my mom and dad’s influences. For me, the tuyo is best soaked with  the sukang pinakurat and letting it to absorb the spicy vinegar.

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