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Food Citations | December 13, 2017

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Pinoy Pandesal - The Everywhere Available Bread

| On 04, Jul 2012

Pandesal is one of the most popular bread in the Philippines, this is best eaten during breakfast. For me, the best way to eat this is plain only, but paired with a steaming hot coffee.  Many also loved it with spread like mayonnaise, jam, peanut butter, scrambled eggs and many more.

According to historians, Filipinos inherited Pandesal to the Spaniards who once colonized the country, but as the years passed Filipinos made some revisions and declared as own. Way back 16th Century, the Spaniards introduced the breads that comes in rolls and served during breakfast. Spaniards taught some Filipinos on how to make this and until now, the techniques are still there. Way back the Spanish Colonization, this is popular with omelettes, bacons, Spanish sardines and many more.

A Pandesal is a yeast bread where individual loaves as created and it is formed like a cap, covered by bread crumbs and baked.

The recipes for making this bread varies and some bakeries make it special to stand the competitive market. I once ate a Pandesal that is crunchy on the outside, and soft and creamy on the inside. There is also another popular bakery that caters Pandesal that looks like has grated cheese inside. I also saw (haven’t tasted) one that has Malunggay.

Filipinos being the most innovative creatures in the land created a Pandesal that is made from corn.

Pandesal made of corn? – Pandesal is a bread that serves as Filipino staple food every breakfast. A plant breeder in  University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB) made a corn flour with lysine and turned it into pandesal. They call the bread BoscBread.

Bakeries in the Philippines are everywhere and if you are in the Philippines, when we said bakery, you should be catering Pandesal. Bakeries are everywhere to a point that it served as a neighborhood businesses. Here, on our street, despite our place is located in a hidden manner, there is still a bakery.

What’s great is that a piece of Pandesal remains cheap despite it already has a price increase. Usually, a Pandesal is worth P2.00 (.04 USD) each, and every morning, you will never fail to have some freshly baked Pandesal as this is very in demand right after Filipinos woke up. There are even times that you have to wait for a few minutes as there are times that they run-out of available Pandesal.

From 16th Century, until now, even with the modern times, Filipinos are still in this craze. My parents, introduced these breads when we were kids, and now, my nieces and little cousins are getting their mouth waters whenever we treat them with these little fellows, proving that Pandesal is a traditional thingy in the Philippines that will never fade out.

Stay tune guys the article on how Filipinos eat Pandesal, still, compiling the pictures.

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