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Food Citations | January 18, 2018

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Potato bomb recipe

| On 22, Nov 2013

Potato Bomb: Grilled potato with melted cheese inside.

Recently, I visited a childhood best friend in Batangas. Out of scratch, I tried looking for the place he asked me. I never knew that it’ll be a two-hour, three drop-off ride from the main terminal of Batangas City. Before reaching the meeting place, I already wanted to quit.

However seeing him makes the long trip worthy. What’s shocking is that we will still ride a tricycle before reaching his place. But, again very worthy. His place is far from the Batangas City that is polluted with vehicles around. His place is the ideal province with fresh air and lots of farm animals, but not that really left behind. Modern establishments are already in the place.

I stayed in his place for two days and the only thing we did is to look back our child hood foolishness.

My friend use to manage the farm that their family owned. They plant coffee which seeds are exported outside the Philippines. Cool, isn’t it? In their backyard, his parents use to plant different vegetables (I dream of vegetable garden). There, my friend showed me how to harvest potatoes.

That time, I never had the idea that a single plant contains 6 to 10 potatoes (I bet you also don’t know). It’s awesome that you have to dig through a little deep in order to get the crops. Once you get it you have to remove the roots that are already blossoming for the next harvest. It’s fun.

Of course, being the frustrated chef that I am, I volunteered in cooking and have set aside some potatoes for my “Potato Bomb.”

When slowly grilled, this will make crunchy cheese outside

Here are the ingredients:

  • five pieces potatoes
  • cheddar cheese

Tools needed:

  • Griller
  • Hard drinking straw (zesto straw)
  • Small syringe (remove the needle)


  1. Clean the potatoes well. Use a toothbrush if needed.
  2. Using the straw puncture the potatoes. Don’t punch in holes at the bottom side of the potatoes.
  3. Using the syringe fill the holes with cheese.
  4. Grill on the bottom part only until cook.

This is best served right away after cooking as this will feature crunchy cheese bits outside and melted on the inside.

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