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Food Citations | January 21, 2018

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Quezon Memorial Circle Food Bazaar Adventure

Quezon Memorial Circle Food Bazaar Adventure

When my brother came home from a basketball play with his friends he is carrying a styro-foam containing foods. When I asked him where he bought them, he said in “Circle.” I asked if there’s a food bazaar in Circle, he said yes. So, I asked my other siblings to go there and have a stroll with my nieces.

The Quezon City Memorial Circle or simply Circle is a public park created to honor the second president of the Philippines, Manuel L. Quezon. His remains are in the center of the park through a museum. This place has become a family bonding, lover’s nest and fitness center. When I was a kid, my sisters used to brought us here, have a picnic and play around.

Many years ago, if you will go to Circle you are playing “Patintero” with the fast vehicles as Circle was located in the center of  the main road called “Elliptical Road.”  But now, there is an underpass, actually a beautiful underpass, like those in Ayala Avenue. There are banners showing the beauty of Quezon City inside that underpass and there are guards all over the place for protection.

QC Circle Underpass.jpg

The QC Circle underpass

I have never been to Circle many years ago, but I can say that there were lots of improvements. Unlike when I was a kid, now there were guards patrolling around for security measures. Well, hats-off to officials.

The bazaar is located near the entrance/exit of the underpass of Circle from PHILCOA. There are actually food and non-food bazaar. We first took a walk  in the non-food and there’s no something special. Divisoria is still quite cheaper.

The food bazaar is in the both sides of the non-food.

This bazaar is open from 7am to 10pm from Saturday to Sunday only. Parking will never become a problem. There are enough parking space in Circl For the cleanliness, don’t expect much as this is a public park.

The first stall that caught my attention was with no banner. But, I asked the name and it was “Aling Victoria’s Stall.” They cater different type of chicharon from ordinary to unique. They have this crablets, which are small crabs, beaded and fried. It is very crunchy and delicious. Another great food from Aling Victoria’s was the Tawilis chicharon. These are small fish, breaded and fried. again, very crunchy. I don’t have plans of buying from the stall because the Tawilis and crablets were the food that my brother took home. But because one of  my niecees put her hands in the one of the chicharon and tasted one, I brought one styro pack.

Aling Victoria's Chicharon.jpg

The Chicharons  (above) and the crispy crablets (below) all available at “Aling Victoria’s” stall.

Crispy crab-QC Foodbazaar.jpg

Another unique stall was the “Organo.” They are catering coffee and chocolate beverages like those of Starbucks. But, they claim that they are putting Gano, a healthy mushroom. They charge from P60 to P85 for the drinks they are selling.

Organo Coffee.jpg

(above) The stall of “Organo” they cater coffee and choco drinks with Gano mushrooms, (below) my nieces enjoying the choco drink.

Kids enjoying organo drinks.jpg

I asked my nieces if they love the choco drinks they have, the said yes.

To be honest, if I will talk about my taste preferences, I can say that the drinks were quite expensive. It’s just like having a 3-in-1 coffee with lot’s on whip cream on top. The personnel taking care of the stall is a little slow on a way that there are about 5 to 7 people waiting in line while he was preparing our orders.

One of the greatest stall I saw was the “Piaya.” They were catering Piaya (obviously!) and other products like polvoron, biscocho and many more. The woman, probably the owner was great. When she saw me taking pictures of their products she asked why. So I told the truth that I’m a blogger. She then lead me inside their stalls and showed me their products and when I’m finished taking pictures she gave me a piece of Piaya for free. Quite cool.

Piaya Stall-QC Circle.jpg

(Above) The Piaya from “Piaya” stall, P6.00 each while (Below) Other products available in the same stall.

Bong Bong's Products - QC Circle.jpg

Well, my sisters said that their Piaya is a little expensive. P6.00 per piece. But for me, because of the thick fillings inside the Piaya, it’s worth-it. My sisters, also loved the Piaya and when we are about to go home we went back the stall and bought more as pasalubong.

Sushi Mo” is the only stall selling maki, rice rolls and sushi. The all-maki-package is P60.00 while the package with maki, rice rolls and sushi is P85.00.

I love maki and rice rolls, so we bought one pack. The only comment that I can say is that there are makis and rice rolls where the ripe mango inside is sour.

Sushi Mo Stall - QC Circle.jpg

On the other side of the food bazaar was a little boring, it have lesser stall and people.

One stall catering cakes and other pastries was the “Delicables.” When I was asking the long-haired guy about the products, he was not answering me well as he was having some arguments over his cellphone. He don’t mind answering some of my questions maybe, because he thought I will not going to buy.

Delicables Stall - QC Circle. JPG
The only stall catering cakes named “Delicables” located on the other side of the bazaar.

Other stalls cater street foods, drinks, shakes and complete meals.

We took a seat in the Babba’s Shawarma as their table is big enough for us. I love Shawarma rice, so I ordered that. The one taking care of the stall is quite accommodating and friendly. He gave us what we needed and fast enough to give us our orders. I observe him taking take-out orders and I can say he is already used for the job.

Unlike in Il Mercanti, the stall owners are the ones providing tables and chairs for diners. You will have to play “Trip to Jerusalem” with other customers for you to have a seat. All-in-all, I kinda enjoyed my food adventure as we fool around and make fun with everyone.

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