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Food Citations | December 13, 2017

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Sariwon - The fantastic Korean Restaurant in Bonifacio Hi

| On 21, Oct 2013

My colleagues and I were invited by our expat colleague to a Canadian lunch (which means no picture-taking and texting, just personal connection while eating) to a Korean Restaurant and I have compiled a few things you might want to know about Sariwon Korean BBQ. By the way, it’s located at UGF, Bonifacio Hi-street Central, West Superblock, 7th Avenue Corner 29th St. Fort Bonifacio Taguig. Telephone number is 02- 6213205.

The table needs to be bigger! Especially that there is a built in grill that eats up a big space and there’s a lot of condiments. We ordered quite a lot of food and we had a hard time with where-to-put-the plates.

I do not intend to sound negative but, I wish their crews could converse in English even a little. When we ate there, we were with one of my expat colleagues. The crew who assisted us kept on answering him in Tagalog which was very impolite for my colleague because he obviously cannot understand the responses. What’s worse is that the crew was sometimes not responding when he wasn’t able to understand what had been said. He could have asked help from other crews. I and my other non-expat colleagues ended up translating everything for the expat. This is ironic to think that this Korean place mostly serves to foreigners.

I was worried when I saw the griller on the table. I was like “Oh my I do not know how to cook. I’m just going to burn my food.” (even though it’s not really called cooking because you’re just merely turning the meat upside down from time-to-time) However, I was relieved that the crew didn’t leave us. He was there all the time to make sure we won’t mess up the food.


Their Korean rice is perfect! It’s the best rice I have tasted.

The salt that looks like sand is too salty that it deserves to be called the “Most salty” and not just “salt”.

You should try the Dak Galbi; we had ordered a lot of this because it’s simply delicious. The best!

Anyhow, below are what we ordered and their ratings which maximum is 10:

Food/Drink Price Rating
Seng Galbi Php780 8
Dak Galbi Php350 9 This is a favourite
Dwaeji Galbi Php350 7
Mango and Green Mango Shakes Php120 7
Asahi Super Dry Php140 I wasn’t able to try it but they look like they liked it
Melona Ice Cream Php60 This ice cream is loved but come on! The Korean shop beside are office sells this for only Php22!

Overall, considering the crews, place and food they serve, I would give this place an 8.5 and we’ll definitely eat here again.

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  1. Diana Tan

    Dear Ms. Abigail,

    Thank you so much for your feedback on Sariwon. We would like to consistently offer authentic and great tasting food with excellent service; so rest assured that we are re-training our team to fit our guests’ discerning standards.

    Thank you once again for the post; and we do hope you come back soon! 🙂

    Best regards,
    Diana Tan
    Managing Partner

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