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Food Citations | December 13, 2017

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Sbarro SM Fairview, they serve the freshest pizza so far

Sbarro SM Fairview, they serve the freshest pizza so far

Sbarro is an Italian restaurant that serves pasta, pizza and many more the Italy way. At first, Sbarro is an Italian grocery store in Brooklyn where they sell Italian items which includes homemade cheeses, salami and sausages. Because of the quality of food that the owners were catering, they became popular. Since then, history was made.

Sbarro branches are all over Philippines, many loved their products. So, along with my sisters, we ate there. The store nearest to our place was the Sbarro SM Fairview.

The Place and Personel

The Sbarro at SM Fairview is located at AX2 105-106 SM City Fairview near Hypermarket and in front of Ace Hardware.

The place is very great. In terms of cleanliness, 10 as the highest, I will give them 9. The chairs are soft and comfortable, and the table were far enough from each other. The lights were were not dim.

Inside the Sbarro, SM Fairview. It’s clean and nice ambiance

You have to come to the cashier to give your orders and give your payment. Then, they will give you a number as they will serve the food on your table. On the side of the cashier, were condiments including ground pepper, salt, white pepper and dried basil leaves.

To be honest, it took them a little longer to serve the pizzas for us. My nieces were even saying that they were already hungry and asked how long it takes to make a pizza.

Overall the place was impressive.

The Foods, Prices and Tastes

Since we came there including my nieces, we ordered the Italian Feast Package that is composed of 2 10″ pizzas, one whole spaghetti, one whole Zitti, one salad and one 1.5 liter of Coca-cola. This package is worth P779.00.

The Fiesta Italiana packagem photo credit to Sbarro Philippines

They first served us the salad, Zitti and spaghetti. For me, the salad is very great, the tomatoes are delicious and compliments the dressing. I found the Zitti a little bland and I even add salt to my plate. The Spaghetti is a little bland as well, based on my taste preferences, I still prefer the sweet and sour type of spaghetti.

The salad. I love the Green Garden salad (right) better

The pizzas are awesome. They will serve it to you very fresh on a way that while eating the melted cheese will form thread-like featured in pizza commercials. But again, based on my taste preferences, the pizzas were still bland. But, when you add little salt, ground pepper and dried basil leaves, ohhh men! It’s very yummy.

To be honest, we never knew that the pizzas were small. Or, maybe, we only expected much. I can’t be able to take photos of the pizza and zitti as my camera went down while taking pictures of the salad.

Based on the foods, services and place the prize is just alright.

The Verdict

My oldest sister, Renila, loved the foods. She prefer bland tasting foods and said that Sbarro captured her taste buds. My other sister, Romylyn said “OK lang.” I asked my two older nieces about the spaghetti and said that they still prefer Jollibee’s. My youngest niece (3 years old) didn’t like the pizza, but chowed down the Zitti and when I asked “Kahlen masarap?” she said yes.

Other foods they cater. Just taking pictures randomly

For me, based on the taste, it’s ok. Though I found the pizza and spaghetti a little bland, I found the salad fantastic. It’s my first time to eat in Sbarro (I confess!) and I can say, compared to other pizza restaurants, they served the most freshly-cooked pizza so far. They also serve the pizzas with thin crust.

I also loved their place, it’s clean and the chairs will make you comfortable. In terms of quickness in delivering orders, I will give them a  fair grade (85% of 100%). A recommended place.

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  1. Marc Eusebio

    I just bought a whole cheese pizza and i asked it to be cut into box slice but when i got home they didnt do it. Tsk tsk

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