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Food Citations | January 21, 2018

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Shakeys Ever Gotesco Commonwealth

One of my best buddies, Jacklyn (I call her Jack) said to me that she will treat me as a late birthday present. We both agreed that she will treat me in Shakey’s Ever Gotesco Commonwealth. We have been dining in this place and have celebrate two of my nieces’ birthday. So, I know the foods were great.

Well, going back. Last December 12, me, Jack and her boyfriend dined in to that place and to be honest I am quite contended with they showed us. They even surprised me (read further to know how).

The Place

The Shakey’s Ever Gotesco Commonwealth is located in the ground floor near the grocery and beside Jollibee ground floor. The place is positioned in a long-rectangular manner. The tables are placed with enough distances for diners to be comfortable. In terms cleanliness, I will give them 9, I am really satisfied.

They only use papers with pictures of their dishes as the table mats, is it cost-cutting? Well, I suggest that if they wanted have place mats, they should consider buying real place mats or having customized one. The paper as place mats absorbs water from my glass and as we eat, it’s crushing and created mess. Who wants paper mache while eating?

Front View of Shakeys in Ever Commonwealth

The Staff

While we were looking on their menu, one of the crew set our table and for me, it’s a proper thing to do. Mitch Cartonares was the one who took our orders was good. She is very polite and courteous. Jai, the one who gave us our orders was polite and great as well.

Unlike when we dined before, it took a little longer to have our orders. I don’t know what happened, but really it’s a little longer.

The food

Jack ordered “Bunch Lunch”, it is composed of Chicken, Spaghetti, Garlic Bread, a slice of Hawaiian Delight Hand-Tossed Pizza and Mojos, it’s worth P138.00. Ted, Jack’s boyfriend, ordered “Hero Classic” It is a whole elongated sandwich with fresh vegetables inside with French Fries, it’s worth P112.00 and I ordered “Hero, Salad ‘n’ Chicken” it’s composed of half Hero Sandwich, chicken and half salad, it’s worth P131.00.

The “Bunch of Lunch” composed of chicken, spaghetti, garlic bread, a slice of pizza and Mojos worth P138.00

Hero Classic with French Fries and dip worth P112.00

“Hero, Salad ‘n’ Chicken” it’s composed of half Hero Sandwich, chicken and half salad worth P131.00

I asked Jack if she found the food delicious and answered “Oo naman, sobra” while Ted said “OK lang.”

For me, the salad is very delicious, I even felt that it’s kind of “bitin.” I love the sandwich as well, the inside were fresh vegetable that are still crunchy. There were olives, slice of a big tomato, lettuce and many more and the chicken was juicy and was cooked just enough for me, but I found it salty.

Over-all the foods there are great.

The Surprise

When I asked for the bill, Miss Mitch Cartoneros gave us the bill and told me “Balita ko sir, birhday niyo kaya kayo mangtitreat?” (I heard, it’s your birthday sir, that’s why your are treating them?!). So, I answered that my bestfriend is the one treating me. She said “ok.” I went to the wash room to have my hands clean and when I came back, Miss Mitch along with another staff shouted “Happy Birthday!!!” and hand me an ice cream in a goblet with a champola stick, she even lead the singing of the few lines of  happy birthday song.

Well, to be honest, I felt shy at first, as the diners around looked at me. But, on the other side, I felt special and thankful. Oh come on, who would not feel special if someone who actually you didn’t know will greet you “Happy Birthday” and will treat you with an ice cream? She even volunteered to take pictures and before she leave she greeted me again.

So, just in case it’s your birthday and you spent it in Shakey’s specifically in Ever Gotesco Commonwealth, tell them. I’m sure they would love to know. They will even make it more special.

The Birthday Ice Cream that Miss Mitch gave me for my birthday

The Verdict

I am not hard to please and to be honest, I’ve been a fan of Shakey’s not by their pizza, but by their spaghetti and sandwiches. We will not going to spend 2 birthdays of our youngsters there, if we were not satisfied with them. When we dined in last December 12, I am impressed with the service and food. Even jack, she was also impressed and when I asked her what are her comments, she can’t think of any.

Am I recommending them? Yes, definitely.

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