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Food Citations | December 13, 2017

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Sinungay Fish - The weird yet delicious deep fish

| On 28, Apr 2012

Last April 6 to 8 me and my siblings took a vacation in Dasol Pangasinan. While travelling we came up with seafood stalls in Labrador, Pangasinan and shopped there. To view my blog post about the food stall in Labrador, Pangasinan click here.

One of the weirdest fish that caught our attention was the Sinungay Fish. It is internationally known as Unicorn Fish because of its horn. Because of it’s devil like appearance, I called it “Lady Gaga Fish”.

Features, Habitat and other Information

According to some animal-related blogs, Unicorn fish are closely related surgeon fish. This fishcan grow up to 3 feet. Their horns can grow up to 13 centimeters depending on the specie.

This is a herbivore fish that feeds on algae, planktons and some seaweeds. This fish has very hard skin, head and horn. But, this fish don’t use it’s horn as defense, but as accessory to find mates. To defend itself, Unicorn fish will use the tail to hit the predators. There are also species of unicorn fishes that can change color to adapt to their environment. Their skin is hard and brittle that is less susceptible to skin diseases and parasites.

Unicorn fishes can be seen swimming around the coastal waters of the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean and even The Red Sea. It lives through the corals and rocky reefs.

Price and Ways to Cook

A kilo of the fish will cost you P250.00. A piece weighs more than a kilo. We bought a whole Unicorn fish for P480.00.

I asked the seller what is the best way to cook it and she said that just by grilling. Because of its leather-like skin, it’s hard to chop. She also suggested sinigang, but added that the skin will is not good when boiled.

We got a hard time opening the fish. We even used an ax just to open it in order to remove the internal parts.

Taste and Verdict

Surprisingly, this is very delicious. Despite my brother and sisters said that it tastes like bangus, for me, it’s way better. This also has lesser bones. Therefor, recommended for kids.

Well, despite its delicious, the grueling price is still not worthy. We just bought it, to try one. But, will never buy this for our ordinary meal. I’d rather buy other seafoods like crabs, shrimps and squid than this one. It’s delicious, but very expensive.

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