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Food Citations | February 19, 2018

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Spices of the Orient's Crispy Anchovies and Crispy Prawns

Spices of the Orient’s Crispy Anchovies and Crispy Prawns

I love spicy foods, but will not going to eat them if they are too spicy. Last 2009, my sis who used to work in Singapore took home “Crispy Prawns” spices. From the look itself, I know it is too spicy, so I never attempted to try. One time, I tried them but added little amount to my dip and then my sis said to me that it’s not that spicy on a way that you can use it as toppings to your rice and true enough, the spicy flavor is just enough for me.

Now, everytime my sis goes home we always request for “Crispy Prawns.”


The Crispy Prawns also by “Spices of the Orient”

Last December 1, actually my birthday, my sis called to greet me. To take advantage of the situation and I know she will go home December 3, I asked her to take home the “Crispy Prawn” and she said yes. When she arrive she showed 4 spices, the Crispy Prawn, Crispy Anchovies, Pickled Green Chilies and Powdered Chilies to me.

The Crispy Prawn and Anchovies are both from a brand named “Spices of the Orient.” Spices of the Orient is a product from Malaysia, packed in Singapore and distributed by a company here in the Philippines, so I thought there were available products here.


The Crispy Anchovies, see the long strips, it’s the fish . 

Crispy Prawn inside.jpg

The Crispy Prawn observe the dark semi circle pieces, those are the crispy prawns. Swear these are not too spicy.

I don’t know what spices they used here, but it’s not really that spicy. It’s just enough for me and even my sisters use this one as rice toppings. As I look in the label, they only put “chili” and never specified what variety. They also add vegetable oil, garlic, flavor enhancer and MSG.

What’s great is that while eating, there are crispy things that you can chew, the Crispy Prawns and Crispy Anchovies. Prawns are big shrimps and Anchovies are very small fish. I don’t know how they are kept crispy as these were oil based product, but whatever it is, it very delicious.

I always add this to my meal especially when it is soup based.

Spices of the Orient Package.jpg

See the aluminum cover?!

For the price, my sis only said it’s worth P100 plus and as I looked in the internet it is word 3 Singaporean dollars or P99.oo. The bottle comes in a great packaging, upon opening the lead there’s an aluminum cover for protection.

If you have a friend in Singapore ask them to buy one. If you know if there are products like this here in the Philippines, don’t hesitate to inform us by commenting.

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  1. siony

    another good find ringo…

    ikaw ha birthday mo pala dec. 1 you never even mentioned…

    • Ringo

      I love these spices ate eh.. Thanks.. Diba binati mo nga ako sa Facebook? hehe

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