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Food Citations | January 21, 2018

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Caldereta Recipe Archives

Make Chicken Caldereta Using Fresh Tomatoes

September 2, 2017 |

My control freak and OCD father doesn’t want me buying the raw ingredients for our everyday meal. He said we are not aware or the routines around the wet market and might end up buying to those opportunists. He always is always tasked with buying them while we, the children are the ones who will cook.

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My Own Version of Pork Caldereta

November 11, 2011 |

Caldereta is one of my favorite dish. This is a tomato sauce base dish with spices with the sauce thickened using liver. Oldies said that Caldereta was a dish influenced by the Spaniards, but through out the years, it has been perfected here in the Philippines. They also said that the original version of this dish was using goat’s meat.

My own version of Caldereta is using pork meat and with lesser and very thick sauce. I also want it a little sweet with little spicy kick.

Please be noted that this recipe of mine is good for 12 people including 4 kids.

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