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Food Citations | February 19, 2018

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Steamed Paros Archives

Paros – The pick-it delicacy in Philippine provinces

September 20, 2012 |

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One of the things that I am always looking forward in taking a vacation to my parents’ homeland (Pangasinan) is the fascinating nature. The ravishing places that you will pass through is quite dumbfounding, the smell will remind you of dried dried leaves which is fresh and very far from the polluted air in the urban. Everything in the provinces are quite awesome.

It’s utterly surprising that people in the provinces maintained some parts of the rural as clean as it was before. Despite that it’s modern world, there are still places in the Philippines that can be considered as pollutant free and these are the things that I’m excited every year. Relaxing and stress removing.

Aside from the fresh air and sceneries, foods are also the most elicit part of taking a vacation in the Philippine provinces. In Pangasinan, I recommend that you look for tupig and nilatikang bibingka. Usually, nilatikang bibingka is a made to order food while tupig is everywhere. Sellers are waiting in stop overs like gasolene stations, sea food stalls and many more and ready to mob a vehicle that stopped.

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Steamed Paros, the pick-it and cook-it delicacy

February 11, 2012 | | One Comment

My mom went to Pangasinan last February 1-2 to take care of some issues on her vegetable investments. When she came home, she was again, carrying delicacies from our province. She bought Nilatikang Bibingka and different vegetables from my aunts’ and uncles’ backyard.

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