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Food Citations | January 21, 2018

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Philippines and its traditional ways of cooking treats

January 11, 2013 |

We, the urban people always wanted to take vacation in provinces where we are away from the pollution and stress. We always spend some money just to experience the breath-taking scenes.


Villa Balinmanok Resort from Pangasinan

One of the things I love in visiting places is the welcoming spirit of the locals, the alluring smiles, the ever friendly kids and the noticeable happy spirits. But I’m sure, everyone of us will allow a huge part of our budget to try delicacies and will take some home as pasalubong.

The greatest things that I admire to rural people are the ways they cook each and every delicacies. The traditional process of cooking such diet-crushers are handed down from generation to generation. I, myself is a believer that those foods cooked the traditional way are more tasty that those cooked with the faster processes.

The best example of such is the Nilatikang Bibingka from Pangasinan. My aunt who sells the treat will use a customized mold and charcoal to cook them. The traditional machine she uses to cook this made-to-order rice cake was obviously old, but still functioning well. My aunt’s market are her relatives who found family in the urban and just taking a vacation. She doesn’t earn that much in making the Nilataking Bibingka, but when someone ordered, she will still¬†enthusiastically prepare it.¬†Ika nga nila, pagmamahal na lang sa pagluluto.

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Tupig – A delicacy from Pangasinan

April 14, 2012 | | 2 Comments

Tupig From Pangasinan

My mom and dad are natives from Pangasinan. My mom grew up in Aguilar while my dad was hailed from Calasiao. Being the kids of the parents from this province, we are spoiled with different delicacies and foods. Ever since I was a kid, I am a very big fan of this banana leaf-wrapped delicacy, which is called the “Tupig”.

Tupig is a mixture of glutinous rice, coconut juice, coconut meat and white sugar. To cook this, it is grilled over live coals, that’s why tupig is sometime burnt. But, there are some sellers who cook this by covering a live coals with a stainless steel to avoid too much burning of the finished product. Tupig recipe will be posted later.

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