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Food Citations | February 19, 2018

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Bulanglang Recipe

November 8, 2012 | | One Comment

Bulanglang Recipe

I don’t agree to people who will reason a busy schedule makes them chow down instant foods or ready made meals. I found it as a lame excuse, period. Why? People nowadays are fund of gimmicks, pleasures and many more. But, will never going to put any effort in preparing their foods. In short, they are lazy.

I’m not putting ’em in minus, but, I found it more satisfying if I will make my own food. Again, why? Firstly, because, I will never thrift the ingredients of my meal, therefor, it’s more delicious. Secondly, a home-cooked meals are quite cheaper than those of fast foods’ and restaurants, and thirdly; and the most corny, it’s filled with love.

My mom, a very good cook, agrees with me, she will never drop a single meal for her family. Despite of her busy schedule, she always make sure that she’ll cook something for her children who are already double her size.

One of her favorite dish was the Bulanglang. This is made from sauteed vegetable with shrimp paste. According to studies this is the tagalog counterpart of Ilocano’s Pinakbet

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How to cook chopsuey?

August 26, 2012 |

Chopseuy recipe.jpg

Satisfying, delicious and quite healthy. That is the dish that we all wanted to have. If we wanted healthy asked the pediatricians, if we want satisfying and delicious ask the chef, if you want all ask my taste buds.

Ok. Based on the title of this post, if you ask me, I’ll answer Chopseuy.  Chopsuey is a Chinese recipe that literally means “assorted pieces.” This is a dish consisting of meat and sauteed vegetables usually cabbage, carrots, bell pepper and many more. Some Chinese even add stir-fry noodles, mushroom and eggs. The variety of this vegetable dish varies from different countries and have been perfected through out Asia.

This recipe of mine is like ordinary chopseuy that a typical Filipino can cook, but only comes with a thicker and a little sweet soup.

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Buttered Vegetables, Mashed Squash, and Pork Chop

August 5, 2012 |

Buttered vegetables with mashed squash.jpg

One of the most awesome vegetable for me, is the squash. I love it because when you add this along with some vegetables this will break and will add sweetness to a dish. The mushy, and starchy texture makes every bite delightful. Oh! Don’t forget the health benefits…

Buttered vegetables, on the other hand, is an appetizer that I really can’t resist. The butter covering the vegetables adds an unexplainable kicks that keeps me digging down. The serving of  buttered vegetables in some restaurants are annoying, as they come in very small amount, leaving you “bitin”.

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Sauteed String Beans, Pork and Shrimp

July 18, 2012 |


During my call center years, one of the things that I missed are the home cooked dishes. Due to I wanted to sleep, I can’t cook my own food and always missed meals as waking up just exact for me to prepare for work. One of my worst habits that time (will never do it again) is skipping my dinner and will just grab bars of chocolate sold in the nearby convenient store my office, and will eat them during shift to keep my self from starving.

One of the vegetables that I really missed during that time is sitaw or the String Beans. I love it whatever the way it is cooked, even to the simplest way like sauteing.

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