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Food Citations | December 12, 2017

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Taho, the all-time Filipino breakfast to-go

Taho, the all-time Filipino breakfast to-go

Experts said, breakfast is the most important meal. It is is stressed that we should consider taking lots of proteins and carbohydrates to keep us going throughout the day. Despite our busy schedules, we should be aware that taking breakfast is necessary.

I’m one of those persons who are guilty of not taking breakfast. Specially when there is no food available in the table, I will forget taking my morning meal, because I knew I still have many things to do. But, when I heard a shout coming from the man outside saying “Tahoooo!!!” It’s time to fill-up my tummy.

Taho is one of those to-go breakfast by Filipinos. This is rich in protein and carbohydrates and other minerals enough to supplement a human’s need to help him go through his things. This is a combination of jelly made from soy beans and arnibal, a combination of brown sugar, water and vanilla. There is also an optional “Sago” or small tapioca balls as toppings.

As of now, there are also stalls catering taho where they also add nata de coco, kaong and many more as toppings. But, nothing beats the taho catered by the vendors we used to call “Magtataho.”

When the “magtataho” shouted the cue word “Taho,” me and my sisters will panic, one of us will run to catch up with him and the other one will try to look for money that is for sure scattered around the cabinet. My nieces also found his shout as music to their ears, like a tenor singing. Because they know it’s yummy breakfast time.

The jelly made from soy-beans

The “Manong Magtataho” is roaming around to different places every morning carrying two aluminum buckets attached from the each end of a bamboo yoke for him to balance it while walking. He will going to serve the taho in a plastic cup. A “magtataho” will never be absent in a residential area as the vendors will agree to where are they going to take routes.

What’s great and despite the years have passed, this treat remains cheap. The biggest cup is only P10.00. The cup in the above st picture is only P5.00.

When I was a kid, I found “Manong Magtataho” entertaining as he will use his big spoon to skim the surface of the jelly and scooping the water out and will toss the water around, he doesn’t care whether the water will spill on his foot. He will also use a very long-bodied-metal-spoon in scooping the arnibal and to combine the jelly and arnibal. He will also use that slender spoon to scoop the the tapioca balls.

The arnibal and tapiocal balls

Most of us, eat this by sipping the taho directly from the cup while others will use a spoon. But, either way, this treat is surely a true Filipino culture. A native, whatever the class, status and age will always dig down this delicacy and will enjoy this every time it’s available. Me, I’m not contented with the plastic cup. I will have my own mug to have more taho.

Traditionally, it is served warm, but there are now many convenient store and groceries who are selling the delicacy cold.

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