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Food Citations | February 19, 2018

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Takuyaki the best and healthiest balls in town

Takuyaki the best and healthiest balls in town

Takuyaki has been around for many years. But, I have been ignoring this as I found this very plain. In 2010, while decorating the venue for my niece’s first birthday celebration in a fast food, I really got hungry and much to my delight my cousin was standing in the Takuyaki stall and eating. So, I tasted it and amazingly, it’s very delicious and made me have two more orders (only for me :p) and the rest is history.

Takuyaki are Japanese delicacy. These are balls with vegetable inside with chicken. Drizzled with special sauce and mayonnaiseand topped with chicken, fish and beef toppings. The balls are cooked using a special frying pan with round holes that are used as molds.

The stall

I used to buy these balls from the Ever Gotesco stall. It is located in the ground floor just in front of Tropical Hut and supermarket. There were three personnel taking care of it and no worries on how timely they are in taking orders. They are quite fast. In terms of cleaniness, out of 10 as the highest I will give them 8. Why? In terms of the tools usage they are fine, they use tongs, ladle and other tools, but don’t have gloves. They have the normal kitchen with noticeable scattered ingredients around the frying pan.


The freshly cooked Takuyaki, see it’s still steaming hot?

In this stall, maybe due to volume of orders they never fail to give you the freshly cooked balls.

The personnel were really friendly. All of them were answering my questions and the one cooking the balls said that she will first arrange the balls in a separate pan, so I can take good pictures. They were also joking and fooling with me. But instantly became shy when I’m taking pictures of the stall.


The Takuyaki Stall in Ever Gotesco, it is located in the first floor in front of the grocery

The Price

Way back 2010, it’s only P25.00 with 4  pieces and overflowing sauce. Then months later, for P25.00 the serving became 3 pieces only and now, it’s P27.00 for 3 pieces of balls.

My niece (10 years old), a fan of Master Siomai asked me, “Diba tito mas mahal ang karne kesa gulay? Bakit mas mahal to kesa Master Siomai?” (Uncle, vegetables are quite cheaper than meat right? Why Takuyaki is more expensive than Master Siomai?) You can’t tell lies to young, fresh minds.

The Packaging

For dine-in and single orders, they will serve you with carton bowl with foil coverings with Takuyaki name printed on the foil, with small-plastic fork and of course, tissue. For me, quite impressive.

For take out orders way back months ago they will put it in styro package like those of Jollibee’s with parchment paper below the balls. My issue with that is the sauce was absorbed by the paper. There are times that the paper mix with your food. But, now they changed the parchment paper into aluminum foil. For take out they also put lot’s of sauce. Again, quite impressive… (For the pictures, refer to the top most and bottom photos.)

The Balls

They first put oil in the molds then will add the vegetable and using a ketchup dispenser they will, little by little put the breading. I watch them cook the balls and the vegetables were cabbage, monggo sprout, carrots with some noodles.

Takuyaki Cooking.jpg

The first process, the first put the raw vegetables then will constantly add the breading mixture

Let me reiterate, there were 3 balls for a P27.00 order, you will be asked what sauce you prefer “is it sweet or spice?” I prefer the combination of the two sauce. They will again ask you what is the toppings, “is it chicken, beef or fish?” I just said it’s up to them. I don’t mind as all the toppings were great.

The Verdict


Dined-in order, it comes in a carton bowl with plastic fork

I’m a huge fan of this product, since my cousin introduced me to these fantastic foods I crave with this one most of the time. The bread that coats the vegetable really compliments the sweet and spice sauce and the mayonnaise adds more mouth watering flavors.

This is very delicious and I can chow down 10 Takuyaki in one sitting.

The kiddos in our house were not vegetable eaters. But we can trick them by giving them Takuyaki.

You should try this one just in case you haven’t.

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  1. siony

    doing this kind of thing is fun ringo… kakatuwa lng sundan mga posts mo 🙂

    go, go, bro! Happy Birthday pala… pag-uwi ko isama mko sa isa s mga food trips ha?

    ingat lagi…

    • Ringo

      Thanks sa bati Ate Siony, anyway me too I enjoyed this food blog, iniisa isa ko na yung nasa Ever hehe… Kelan ba uwi mo, kita kits tayo nila Joana.. hehe

      Ingatz din lagi and I-go mo na yang travel blog mo…

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