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Food Citations | January 21, 2018

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The good healthy oils to cook with

| On 31, Jan 2013

During my high school to college years, I am a fan of the huge and rectangular wallet. But, because the fact that I don’t have money, I buy those cheap. Every three months, I used to change my wallet as they are getting worn out. One time, I decided to buy the same, but the one with a thousand price tag. Well, I can say that it’s worthy as until today, I haven’t changed it.

They said: “Quality Comes a Price” and I agree, if you want quality, you should pay an amount.

This also goes with being healthy. If you wanted to become a person with a sound mind and body, invest. Invest not just time, effort, but money as well.

The best example of investment to being healthy is dealing with cooking oils. Vegetable oil comes cheap, but will also cause you something. Mostly of the vegetable oil in your nearest market are fats. These fats are easily absorbed by the cells, but will oxidize easily causing immature and inflamed cells. Such cells sometime blocked arteries.

Fatty acids are also present to the vegetable oil in the market. This is a very big factor different type of cancer, heart attack, high cholestrol and many more.

We can always substitute vegetable oil, into healthier one. Here are some of the expensive, but worthy cooking oils:

Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil is a product of tropical nations like Philippines and Thailand. This was created by letting the oil from coconut juice or flesh. Despite it will easily burn, it’s highly recommended to cooking.

This oil is composed of saturated fats. But, a type of saturated fat that is very healthy for the body. This can boost the immune system, promote leaner body and higher metabolism. This also promotes healthier skin when consumed or applied.

Southeast Asian locals who are exposed to virgin coconut oil showed a very lean body, but with very strong immune system and tighter muscles. This is because coconut oil is one of the very few oils that removes large amount of fats in the body.

According to an article published by the Inquirer in August 2012, virgin coconut oil is another brain food. Thus, preventing different types of sickness like Alzheimer’s Disease, lost of brain neurons and many more.

Olive Oil

Just like coconut oil, olive oil promotes weight loss, leaner muscles, and healthier you. Reports has it that it also helps in removing the bad fats in the body.

The antibacterial properties of this oil will make someone’s immune system boosted.

There are studies showing that this can prevent heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and Osteoporosis. A study in France revealed that seniors who consume olive oil daily have protected themselves from stroke, Dementia,  lost of too much brain neurons and will show sharper memories.

Studies also revealed that animals exposed in olive oil showed small percentage of body fat.

This is also a very good anti-oxidant, because of the oleic acid and several bioactive compounds that fights the free radicals in the body. Therefor, olive oil is a huge help in preventing the formation of cancerous cells.

Sunflower Oil

Because of its high smoke point, sunflower oil is highly recommended for frying stirring and many more hard core kitchen activities.

Sunflower oil is rich in Vitamin E, a mineral that is best in neutralizing the free radicals in the body that causes cancer. This also lowers the bad oils in the body preventing cardiovascular diseases.

It is also composed of rejuvenating substances that repairs the cells for a younger you. It will also boost your immune system, repairs the body, helps in protein absorption and many more.

Hain Pure Foods Sunflower Oil, 32-Ounce (Pack of 3)

Grapeseed Oil

A medium to low fire type of oil, grapeseed is a best friend to the heart. This also relieves varicose veins, spider veins and many more types of vein abnormalities. This is also a very good anti-oxidant, free radicals fighter. A very good rejuvenating agent that makes you look younger with lighter skin from inside.

It is also cholesterol free, has a very small percentage of spoiling, has fatty acids, vitamin C and many more.

The citrus flavor of the oil make it a very good salad dressing.

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