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Food Citations | January 18, 2018

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These Japan Popsicles Don't Easily Melt

These Japan Popsicles Don’t Easily Melt

| On 11, Aug 2017

It will never be fun hanging outside with your friends during rainy days. We don’t want going home wet, looking like a soggy knight after braving the flood.

Sunny days are still better. Though we might end up suffering from heat exhaustion, it can be managed by drinking lots of water and of course, having some refreshments.

Ice cream or popsicles are best examples of refreshments during Summer. They are handy, cheap and can be bought everywhere. The negative is that they are not good when they melt. So, the best way is to consume them immediately.

In Japan, this problem is already solved.

A company called Kanazawa Ice is selling a popsicle that will take a longer time to melt than the usual. They are called “not melting ice cream” and people in the Higashi-Chaya can’t get enough of them.

The popsicles are made from usual ingredients. The magic is brought by a chemical called polyphenol, which is extracted from strawberries. It’s being manufactured by Biotherapy Development Research Center Co. in Kanazawa.

Just like most of the discoveries, the usage polyphenol was accidental. The Biotherapy Development tasked the chefs from Miyagi Prefecture to make pastries made of polyphenol as a help in uplifting the spirit of the strawberry farmers in 2011 after they were greatly affected by the tsunami and earthquake.

However, after adding polyphenol the dairy immediately solidify. It then paved a way into trial and error resulting to the slow-melting popsicles.

Biotherapy Development president Takeshi Toyoda claims the popsicles “will remain almost the same even if exposed to hot air from a dryer.”

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