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Food Citations | February 19, 2018

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Trappist Mango Bars - A very good 'pasalubong' from Boracay

| On 10, Dec 2013

A box of Trappist Mango Bar Approximately Worth P200.00

One of the main reasons why international tourists are going back and forth in the Philippines was the beaches. All activities from simple strolling around to diving are quite enjoyable because of the fine sand, marine life and rich water biodiversity.

Philippines is included in the “Coral Triangle” along with countries Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste. The term is recognized as the global centre of marine biodiversity that features the most awesome marine life that is protected by local and international laws.

So, we can say, my statement is not questionable.

When we said a Philippine beach, one the name that comes into a local’s mind is Boracay. Just recently, my brother visited this sugar-like-sand beach and I know he enjoyed it.

To console us from envying him, he brought home the Trappist Mango Bars.

Trappist Mango Bars is a product by Trappist Monastic Food Products from Guimaras. They cater sweet products from dried fruits to jellies, jams and pastries.

A Box Contains 10 Pieces Of 22 Gram-Bars

According to my brother the product is seen in most of souvenir and pasalubong shops in Boracay. However, according to a reply by the official Fanpage of the company to a post, this is available in supermarkets here in Manila.

My brother actually don’t know how much the product is. He just picked four boxes and some other items and headed to the counter. He said that it might cost P200+ a box. I also tried contacting the numbers in the Facebook Fan Page and website of the company, however, the numbers are not in use.

A box contains 10 pieces of 22 grams each.

A Piece of Mango Bar. Yummy!!!

The taste? Very delicious! This resembles an ordinary butterscotch just more bread like and a little less moist. The cashew nuts add crunchy feel at first while the strips of mangoes add chewing effects while eating. I’m not sure if the mango just dried out while baking or they really use dried mangoes.

I just found this expensive as a bar (or a cube) will cost you P20.00. However, I love fluffiness, creaminess and texture of the product. Despite some of my sister found it too sweet, for me, the sweetness is just enough. The mango also add little sour kicks that makes your eating experience awesome.

Still, a highly recommended the product.

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  1. Lorna A. suarez

    Where can i purchase trapist mango bar here in quezon city. Please advice.
    Thank you

  2. Jennymy Lapuhapo

    Hello. Your blog was posted 4 years ago and Yes, truly! Mango Bars are superb!! Anyway, you can also try the TRappist Fruit Bars.
    I have seen that you are trying to contact the company but they are not available.If you would like for more information, you can contact them at 09237402751. You can also visit their website at

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