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Food Citations | January 21, 2018

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Tupig - A delicacy from Pangasinan

| On 14, Apr 2012

Tupig From Pangasinan

My mom and dad are natives from Pangasinan. My mom grew up in Aguilar while my dad was hailed from Calasiao. Being the kids of the parents from this province, we are spoiled with different delicacies and foods. Ever since I was a kid, I am a very big fan of this banana leaf-wrapped delicacy, which is called the “Tupig”.

Tupig is a mixture of glutinous rice, coconut juice, coconut meat and white sugar. To cook this, it is grilled over live coals, that’s why tupig is sometime burnt. But, there are some sellers who cook this by covering a live coals with a stainless steel to avoid too much burning of the finished product. Tupig recipe will be posted later.

6 pack of Tupig for P100.00 only

Last week, when we’re about to go home from a vacation in Villa Balinmanok in Pangasinan, we stopped over in a seafood stalls and a guy carrying tupig approaches us and offered his products.

He is selling it for P5 packs (5 pieces of tupig each) for P90.00. But, I was able to haggle him and got 6 packs for a hundred bucks. The guy who is selling the treats was very friendly, he even agreed to take pictures with my sister and even arranged his products for me to have great pictures.

Kuya, the seller of Tupig and my sister beside him

Tupig is like a suman with flavors of coconut. For me, it’s much better that any other suman sold in the Philippines. The coconut bites inside makes the treat very delicious. Try to figure this out, a rice cake with soft coconut flesh inside.

The delicious tupig, glutinous rice + coconut juice and flesh

There are also tupig sold in the wet market near our place. But, it has no match from the tupig sold on the sidewalk of Pangasinan. You can even haggle the sellers just by introducing yourself as a tourist in their place. Especially when you know how to speak Panggalatok, you’ll definitely going to get a very big discount.

Tupig is definitely a delightful treat that all the Filipinos and every foreign tourists must try.

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