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Food Citations | December 12, 2017

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Turon and Banana Cue, delicious Saba snack

| On 10, Apr 2012

Another all-time Filipino cheap thrill snacks are the Turon and Banana Cue. A larger percentage of Filipinos, wherever class they belong, are real suckers for this kind of snack. We, Filipinos always crave for these.

These snacks are made from Cardava Banana with scientific name Musa Saba or locally known as Saba. These snacks also serve as sidewalk foods that are sold everywhere. There are also sellers who roam around in different places carrying a big plate with these delights.

We are very lucky, because there is a woman who used to sell these fancy creatures as her business near our house. She is also friendly as well and when I asked to take some pictures of her product, she agreed.

Banana Cue are saba deep friend with brown sugar that will soon cover the fruit. The frying will make the banana softer and chewy. Usually it is sold for P7.00 to P10.00 with 3 pieces of Saba on a stick. What do I like about this is lesser sugar as my tooth aches with too many sugar and over cooked banana in a way that it melts in my mouth.

Turon is a saba covered with spring roll sprinkled with sugar and deep fried. The spring roll will give a crunchy effect of the food. To add more aroma and tasty kicks some add jack fruit inside. Me, just like my Banana Cue, I don’t want many sugar. I also want my turon directly from the pan and very hot. Usually, a piece of Turon is worth P5.00 to P7.00.

When I cook Turon, I don’t put the sugar directly on the pan, I just sprinkle it with the saba before covering it with a spring roll and deep fried. This will result in a melted little sugar inside.

I love both snack. But, I love to chow down turon more. I want the crunchiness of the snack and the aroma inside, especially when there’s jack fruit inside. I also asked the seller, what is more in demand and she said that it was turon.


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