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Food Citations | January 21, 2018

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Twist - The Strawberry and Chocolate Spread

Twist – The Strawberry and Chocolate Spread

Whenever I decided to buy some grocery, I will never forget to some for my nieces and dogs. I can forget my own supplies, but will never the treats for the cuties. I’m a very sweet uncle (Joking).

For my dogs, I usually buy canned products and bread sticks; for my two older nieces, I buy Pringles; and for Kahlen I love buying chocolate spreads because she’s a bread kid.

Her favorite is Goya or Nutella. But, whatever you got for her, she’ll always come jumping.

Last month, while on the aisle for the spreads, I noticed this colorful and based on my eye a stand out thing. I then instantly picked it and right that very moment decided to buy it.

This was called the Twist. It is a combination of chocolate, white chocolate combined with a fruit flavor.

According to Brinkers, the creator, Twist is available in three flavors: The Strawberry, Banana and Orange. The one we had was the strawberry and got hooked with it.

Based on the name “Twist,” this product features the chocolate and white chocolate twisted together. That what’s makes it attractive. The Fruity flavor, I think is combined with the white chocolate.

Twist Chocolate Spread - Opened

The Twirled Looks of Twist Chocolate Spread

This is available all throughout the Philippines, specially to the hypermarkets. I once checked it to different malls and I didn’t fail.

Compared to Nutella, I think this one is a little thicker, but a little less of a peanut butter. You can still easily spread it on breads, but not as easy as Nutella.

One characteristic about spreads that I don’t like is the fact that it becomes hard when stored in refrigerator. Twist is never an exception. However, this is forgivable as chocolate really becomes hard with chilled. If your chocolate spread doesn’t show this property, then I think you should think twice.

Twist Chocolate Spread - Thicker Than Nutella

Twist Chocolate Spread – Texture

The taste? It’s fabulous. As I said via my Bubbatealicious Post, I never knew strawberry will fit a tea. But when I saw chocolate combined with the fruit, I never questioned.

The creamy, aromatic flavor of the chocolate and the fruity taste are balanced well. I don’t know why the sour kicks of the strawberry is missing, it’s something I expected.

Moreover, this is one heck of a product. Highly recommended for kids like Kahlen and kids-at-heart like me.

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