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Food Citations | December 13, 2017

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Ube halaya from Baguio

| On 28, Feb 2013

It’s expected here in the Philippines that the last week of February was the start of the hotter climate. It’s true, I can now feel the Summer heat making me wanted to go to the beach and get tanned (I’m already tanned). Boracay, Palawan, Zambales, Cebu and many more parts are quite popular during Summer due to their mesmerizing beaches, falls and other tourist attraction. But, why in the heck does Baguio was called the Summer capital of the Philippines?

Maybe because they said that it’s quite cooler during Summer days in this place. But, I think I’ll disagree. When I went there and found out that it’s overrated.

Anyway, one of the well-loved take home delicacy of Baguio was the Ube Halaya (Purple Jam) and I can say that the treats coming from the place has the most distinct flavor.

Price, Packaging and Availability

This was actually bought my brother when he took a vacation in the place. You can buy the products in groceries, tourist shops and many more. There are also some vendors who will roam around tourist places offering such products. You can also find it in wet markets and side walks, I recommend you buy from those people.

You can buy the 12 oz. (440 grams) for P160.00, a price that I found not too cheap and not too expensive.

The product comes with a clear glass bottle designed with the logo of the company that manufactured it. I like it as you can easily see the jam inside.

Texture, Taste and Verdict 

I’m also 100% sure that they are not into extenders. If there are, there’s only a few. Why? It’s because the color is lighter and the consistency is smoother. This is also more sticky than any other purple jams in the local markets along Metro Manila. I can compare it as way back during my high school years we made some purple jams in our Home Economics class and I can compare the pure purple jam with the one that comes with extenders.

This also doesn’t come too sweet, just enough for me. Again, I know that there are no to little extenders added in the dessert as the flavor of the purple jam is highly present.

The creamy flavor of the dessert is something you can love about it. The creaminess plus the distinct flavor of the yam combines well and will explode inside your mouth. An experience the you can remember.

I can say that the P160.00 is quite worthy. Compared to other purple jam in the market, this one from Baguio contains more yam and quite creamier.

One thing that caught my attention was message at the cover of the bottle. It says: “You help send us through college each time you buy our products -Cordillera Youth”. This message makes me think that I’m more lucky to have parents who worked on my tuition during college. Also, it convinced me that indigenous groups really need help.

A highly recommended product.

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I am Ringo and allow me to say not an ordinary man. I’ve been working home base since 2009 and as of now, has no plans of returning to corporate. Web designer. Frustrated chef. Foodie. Good son (ehem!). Good father (to two labrador retrievers). And, a servant of God.



  1. Rolly

    I once tasted this ube halaya thru a friend and i keep coming back to the fridge even late at night to have a tast on it.i guess,it’s me who eat much than the owner itself.For sure he notice that but never commented “bout it.Wish i can find baguio ube halaya her in makati but really can’t find it.though there’s a lot of ube jam in supermarket but this baguio ube halay is real unique in taste.KAKAIBA sa lahat.i tasted ube halaya in balayan,batangas and other ube halaya but it seems there’s more flour in it.u can hardly taste the real purple (ube). wish somebody can buy me 6 bottle of said baguio halaya since i seldom visit baguio.sob.

  2. Rolly

    Pls,somebody buy me 6 bottles.i’ll pay for it, of course.
    my number 09198499225
    my emailadd:
    I’ll be waiting.CHEERS!

  3. Rolly

    I’m thinking of making a business of this baguio halaya ube since there’s no way to find it here in metro manila.Hope to find someone can make proposal of my plan.Thank you..

  4. Hi po ask ko lng if may malapit kau na store along metro manila like makati or malate same product po..pls pm me..thank you ang GOD BLESS

  5. Jaz

    hi, I am a distributor of baguio products here in metro manila. if anyone is interested to order, you may message me at 09175016607. delivery is every monday, between 4pm to 6pm at any mrt or lrt station near your place.

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