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Food Citations | January 18, 2018

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Vikings Marikina Review

Vikings Marikina Review

| On 29, Apr 2015

One thing I love with my best girl buddy, Jack, is that she always set things straight.

In example, she wanted a vacation and I agreed, she will then come out with the decisions to where and when. My only problem is my schedule and budget.

In celebration of my birthday, she and another female buddy planned a dinner for me and they both agreed with Vikings Marikina. Another girl buddy joined us, so I am the only thorn among the roses.

This also serve as an opportunity for me to have my camera ready for my review.

Location, Place and Crew

The Vikings Marikina is located at 2nd Floor, SM City Kalumpang, Marikina City. We went there at about 6 p.m. and were able to enter the place past seven, proving that the place is just blockbuster.


The place is rectangular where the tables and chairs are located at the left part, while the foods and drinks are on the other side. The desserts are the first thing you will see from the entrance while the drinks, including those alcoholics are in the middle part. The mains are located in the farthest part from the entrance.

The overall exterior of the place is like those of Chinese restaurants where lanterns are all over the place. I actually loved it.

We were asked to take the table for four and I can say, they are really into making their guests comfortable. The sofa-like chairs can fit at least three people and because of that, we spent our dinner with our legs moving freely and bag are on the chairs. There are even times that I use to Indian seat.

I love how the chefs and cooks prepare the foods. They are fast and very efficient. It only took me a few minutes when waiting for the shrimp and vegetable tempura.

The Foods

I started my food journey by just walking around. I found different types of cuisines coming from all parts of the world and like all other eat-all-you-can visitors, I had this urge of tasting them all.

I picked garlic bread and chewed on it while walking around for the perfect combination of foods for my huge appetite. As a fan of garlic bread, I found it appetizing. I also picked a small slice of pizza and to be honest, it’s no different than those offered in fast food chains like Greenwich.

I don’t eat raw foods. So I didn’t get any piece of sushi. But, I took some maki as I am a huge fan. I found it great; the mangoes used are not sour.

Vikings food

The Wagyu beef and roasted turkey actually failed to impress me. I am actually looking for more flavor.

I asked a friend if she wanted some oyster. She said yes. So, I took four pieces. Once we were seated and started to eat, I can’t help but to chow down all four oysters noting that fact that I’m sucker for it. I even went back to that table to pick more.


We also had shabu shabu… I’m glad my friend thought about it.

For the drinks all my girlfriends asked for the very-common four seasons. Me, I tried the apple cinnamon. To be honest, it also didn’t impress me as well. I found the juice watery; I’m looking for the cinnamon kick.

For the dessert, I tried frozen yogurt, flour-less cake, bread and butter cake and a lot more.

As an avid fan, the yogurt is still desirable. However, one thing hate is that it easily melts unlike those being sold in Tutti Fruitti and Yes Yes Yo!

The flour-less cake is also great. I love the overpowering flavor of chocolate that compliments the chewy and moist properties of the cake.


After our delicious meal, none of us try any of the alcoholic beverages as I don’t drink when I know I will have to travel alone. So, I got a very great idea — coffee!

Their coffee machines are one of those state-of-the-art slow makers. It will do the roasting and pounding of the beans before pressing it into the hot water to produce a perfectly and freshly-brewed coffee featuring strong aroma and flavor. It also has foam. What I also like is that the cream and sugar are separated and it will be up to you if you will want it creamy or less, sweet or mildly bitter.

Vikings 2_zpsxov9srev


Well, I can say from the place, to the foods, the P888 that you will pay is quite worthy. I even asked for my family to give Vikings a try as I know the restaurant won’t embarrass me.

Me and my sister in Singapore will allow a budget for her to try the treats Vikings is offering.

I’m calling the people, with huge a appetite to try Viking. This will never fail you.

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