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Food Citations | December 12, 2017

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Vitamilk, the protein-based energy drink

Vitamilk, the protein-based energy drink

Looking for drinks that can keep you going through out the day? Maybe, you are thinking of Energy drink. But, health experts don’t really recommend energy drinks as they will only provide you lots of carbohydrates as energy. Some even add lots of caffeine and claims that it will keep you alert. As of now, there’s no regulations yet for caffeine in energy drinks. So, many providers of such drinks can put high amounts of caffeine without being noticed by health officials. One of the most popular energy drinks in the world contains caffeine same as three (3) cups of coffee.

I found this drink that can be a source of energy for everyone and it tastes very good. Vitamilk uses soy milk as the source of protein. For muscle builders it is a very good source of protein, but to many including myself, it’s just a wonderful and delicious drink.

The Price and Package

Vitamilk comes in Original Soya, Choco Shake and Vitamilk Energy. Based on the website, Vitamilk comes in different package like pouch, bottle and even litro packs. The one in bottle is available in the Philippines and can see it to groceries. The one in the bottle is worth P21.00 pesos each and contains 300 ml.

The Drinks and Taste

Soya Drink is the original flavor. This is pure soya milk with sugar, vitamins and minerals. This has distinct creaminess that I can’t find to soy milk available in the market. For me this is good, because I love creamy drinks. But, my nieces were not that impressed with the flavor.

The Orginal Flavor, soy milk and other flavorings only

For me, the best is the Choco Shake flavor. This still comes in soy milk, sugar, vitamins and minerals. And, has real cocoa and malt extracts inside. Look at the bottom and you can see that the cocoa powder below. So, shake first before drinking. This is also the flavor that all of my nieces loved. The milky flavor of the soya compliments the choco well. This is the flavor that I always buy.

The Vitamilk Choco Shake. For me, this is the best flavor

For muscle builder and energy drink drinkers, but doesn’t want caffeine, Vitamilk Energy is the drink to be. This came from non-GMO whole soy milk and have health enhancing natural grains that also serve as energy giving materials. I also love the taste of this flavor. The kids in our house also loved this, as while drinking, there are cereal like texture that you can feel.

The Vitamilk Energy. Good for energy drink seekers and gym rats like me (in my dreams)

The Verdict

The drinks were introduced by my brother to me and the first time I tasted it, I bought all the flavors as they were available to the grocery near our place. For me, the best flavor was the choco shake. The chocolate flavor keeps me and my nieces digging for more. I always buy 3-4 pieces of the chocolate flavor, so we can have 1 bottle each. As far as my vanity is concerned, a bottle of the Vitamilk Energy is enough to supply my protein needs for my muscles (asan ang muscle?!). The original flavor one is also good, but this will be my last option when buying Vitamilk.

The saddening part is that one of my nieces is G6 PD deficient. Such deficiency will prohibit you from consuming legumes, including soya and other foods as there will make chemical reactions to your blood that may trigger serious diseases. So, she can’t enjoy it that much. Though doctors allowed her to consume soya by products in little amount, we don’t want to take the risks.

Vitamilk is really a great treat for refreshment and working-out purposes. Go to your nearest grocery stores and look for this drink and I swear this will never fail you.

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I am Ringo and allow me to say not an ordinary man. I’ve been working home base since 2009 and as of now, has no plans of returning to corporate. Web designer. Frustrated chef. Foodie. Good son (ehem!). Good father (to two labrador retrievers). And, a servant of God.



  1. eds

    masarap nga yung CHOCO SHAKE. Nakabili ako pero 25php siya kasama yung bote. Nagtataka nga ako kung bakit kasama yuung bote, yung nabili mong 21php kasama rin yung bote?

    • Ringo

      Yup Eds, Kasama din yung bote… Ngayon P21 pa din sa grocery malapit sa amin… 🙂

      • eds

        buti pa diyan mura, dito kc ang mahal masyado.

        • Pakoy Que

          Puwede bang palit bote para mas mura? Ang Dami na kasi sa bahay Vitamilk bottles Mga dalawang cases na. Saan ba nakakabili na puwede ang palit boter

      • Didto sa Dumaguete mahal 26 pesos

  2. tina

    da best ung lasa nang CHOCO SHAKE..
    PERO mas na eenhance yung katawan ko sa viTamilk energy.

  3. Rose ann emano

    Pwede po b sa bata n age 7 po ung vita milk

  4. LOIDA

    Hi…pwde ba inumin ng 4 yr. old ang vitamilk….Gustong gusto kc ng anak ko at lagi niya nkikita sa tv commercial..

  5. edson

    sa amin 28peso hehe mahal pero ok lang hehe masarap nmn,, yummmmmmmmmmm.. 😀

  6. Kyle

    Dito sa amin ang mahal masyado. PHP31 dito eh. Pero may bagong flavor. Nasubukan niyo na ba ? Yung Double Choco Shake.

  7. Nakakapagpataba ba ito ng katawan??? Gusto ko kasi tumaba

  8. Adrian

    Sa 7/11 Php 30.00 sya. Ang mahal! Thanks for this article about vita milk. Mas okay nga yung Vita Milk energy.

  9. Christian

    AS of today, 28 pesos xa sa canteen namin sa work, kakainum ko lang as in and i must say masarap ang double choco shake! haha

  10. nad

    hindi xa maganda for body builders I cant recommend this…yes it can give you energy but soya are estrogen food men have small amount of female ormone so ma eenhance ito ng soya based foods and drinks

    • nad

      “hormone”I mean not ormone typographical error

  11. eric buenaventura

    Grabe ang sarap nito lagi ko to iniinom sa 7 eleven before ako pumasok. Kaya lagi ko to inoorder dito ( para may sarili akong suplay sa bahay.. Gatas at energydrink.. Ang sarap, mura pa!!!

  12. I always purchase this before at the nearest market but it is outside the village.. I need it every morning so that I can go to work its very nutritious and delicious that is why I already place an order online at I love the product and so as my brother when I suggest it to him every morning 🙂

  13. Kelvin Enriquez

    mag mumura yan pag nagawa na yung planta namin sa laguna. export pa kasi yan… bka maging 20 below price nan pag nagawa

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