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Food Citations | February 23, 2018

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Watch: Americans Try Jollibee Meals

Watch: Americans Try Jollibee Meals

| On 23, May 2014

Filipino people can’t get enough of Jollibee. Maybe, due to the fact that this fast food chain has provided the Filipinos with different types of meals that suit different types of people, age, gender and status.

And since Philippines is the number provider of manpower around the world, Jollibee has little by little have penetrated the international market. This has now stores in Singapore (world’s best), Vietnam, Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and United States.

According to ABS-CBN News, the opening of Jollibee Houston, Texas was a blast. And, according to some feed backs, this store has had kicked some a**.

So, the social media news and entertainment website BuzzFeed came up with the idea of letting American – who haven’t tried the menu – some taste tests to the Filipino fast food meals. The result? Hilarious…

The Little Big Bites, which is a spam sandwich was described as “a smear of moistrizer” with a little disgusts on his face. However, when he tried it he was “weirdly ok with it.” The Spicy Chicken Joy, on the other hand was described as an ordinary fried chicken with Asian kicks (So it’s not ordinary?!). One woman actually liked it.

The pair in the 1:09 mark has both negative and positive reactions – in terms of looks and taste – with the Burger Steak. The beard man found it disgusting in both looks and taste while the Latina found it delicious and when she tasted it, she loved it.

The Halo-halo, which was described as “Christmas Winter Food” and “Stoned” was not really liked (The Latina and her partner liked it). Maybe because they didn’t eat it the proper way. The term is a Filipino word for mix or stir. You must mix first the food to ta point the ice becomes smoothie, then chow them down.

I really found the video cute. The way they react from the looks of the food alone, it’s hilarious. If they loved it, they will say they love it and when they didn’t like the taste, they will show disgusts. That’s actually adorable.

The span sandwich is not actually an original Jollibee menu. I haven’t tasted it, but I think, it’s added to cope with American taste.

Nice job BUzzFeed! I’ve been a fan of your videos.

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