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Food Citations | December 13, 2017

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What is Fad Diet? Does it Really Work?

What is Fad Diet? Does it Really Work?

In magazine, specially those of women’s have this advertisement referring to a single food element that promises quick way to lose weight, which according to studies attract a large group.

Fad diet or food faddism is a term used for a diet usually focusing on a single element and is usually promoted by companies promising quick and easy ways to lose weight. Such advertisement appears in seasons like Summer or after Christmas where losing weight is a must to some individuals.

The single element can be a natural product like fruits and vegetables or a combination of natural or synthetic food when consumed only in a period of time will result in a lighter you.

Now, the question: does this diet really work? The answer is yes. If followed, this will make you lose weight even drastically. Now, the follow up question: is it the best or moreover, the proper way? No. Why? Let me further explain…

Fad diet is actually not supported by the science community. In fact, such regimen is being hit my experts for promoting unhealthy lifestyle and processes that can suppress a human body.

An article in features a model and a nutrition expert warning people about fad diet. The article noted the weight loss as product of such diet is caused by the body starvation, thus urging the body to slow down its metabolism to preserve the energy needed. However, the saddening part, such method is perceived as normal.

Shereen Jegtvig, a medical practitioner for almost two decades also disapproves fad diet via her article. She then said the low carb, less calories and restriction of unhealthy fats formulated in fad diets are also present in balanced diets. This means that you can have such things without starving yourself.

The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA), on the other hand, defined fad diets  as weight loss promises with NO scientific basis and eliminates food groups resulting into loss of wide range of nutrients needed by the body. It also belied that real weight loss happened in fad diets. It elaborated that suppressing the body results into breaking down of muscles that leads to loss of water. So, we can say fad diets can result into dehydration.

All the three aforementioned articles say fad diet can result into low metabolism. This means that little extra foods taken by you will be hard for it to digest. And, we all know people with low metabolism easily gains weight.

Logically speaking, fad diets can make you lose weight, however, hard to sustain.

Now, as what is reiterated, losing weight will never become easily. The time frame can lessen, but there is no shortcut. You must have to work it out. The best way to lose weight to have a balanced diet and stop being a sedentary person. Meaning, don’t be lazy.

A great body workout combined with a proper diet is the best way to lose weight — in the long term.

Fad diet is quite dangerous, it’s not recommended.

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