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Food Citations | June 28, 2017

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Why are Call Center Agents Getting Fat?

| On 22, Jul 2012

I worked for this call center for one year, resigned and went back to another company for  3 months. One thing I noticed, every time I work  in a call center, I gain weight. I even reached 61 kilos and have my cheeks bloated. When I quit, I lost kilos and able to sustain my normal weight.

My friends, brothers and sisters who used to work for call center also claim this. When you look at the badges of my former workmates, you will notice that they are quite skinny.

Does working in a call center makes someone fat? Let me further explain…

The truth about this is that the work itself is fattening. Humans are not created to sit 8 hours per day and should have active lifestyle. The World Health Organization conducted a study to call center agents from different parts of the world and found out that there is a correlation between obesity and call center workplace. But, a very big revelation is that Filipino call center agents, who used to work at night have the biggest percentage of Body Mass Increase (BMI) among the call center workers throughout the world.

Local health officials stated some factors why Filipino call center agents are really gaining weight.


Filipinos are natural adrenaline-seekers, admit it, the technical support jobs are everywhere due to Filipino are geeks, and it’s adventure for us to answer questions related to technology. But, these journey is not always fun, the environment is also packed with the dreaded “STRESS”.

Being the shock absorber of the big companies with angry customers seeking answers why they are being charged with 10 cents, agents are really prone to too much stress. It is all over the place explaining that stress is a very big factor in gaining weight. People in the call center agency are piled up with this everyday.

Stressed people will have their metabolism decreased, will crave for fattening foods like sweets and carbonated drinks, and many more which contribute to sudden increase of weight.

Eating Habits 

The call center is a fast-phased environment, people working in this industry, usually don’t have much time cooking their own food. Mostly of the agents loved fast foods, because the serving of foods are fast, cheap and I agree, delicious. But, it’s quite fattening as well. Because they are cheap, the ingredients are not refined, high in fat, and loaded with sugar and salt.

Coffee is always free in the place, in order to stay awake, people in the call center can sip down lots of coffee.

Way back my call center years, I used to miss my dinner everyday, due to I’m starving, I will just grab a chocolate bar, an energy drink and many more fattening foods.

70% of out total body status is produced by the foods we eat.

Working Shift

The graveyard shift is a very big factor. At night, the body will only use a percentage of it’s work force as it needed to rest. This includes the metabolism which is quite slow at night.

When we are awake at night, the brain will be confuse and might send receptors that you needed to eat despite your body doesn’t need food. Light is an indication that the body should be awake, the strong light in the workplace, conflicts with the light outside confusing the brain.


Eat and sleep  is the most common lifestyle of the Filipino call center agents. Eat, drink alcohol and sleep, is the lifestyle of the second most agents in the Philippines. A very few exercise and watch what they eat. That’s why, agents gain weight.

Lifestyle is the biggest factor in gaining weight whatever your profession is.

The Conclusion

I don’t have against call centers, in fact, I have a big respect with call center employees as they are the most fun, intelligent, and honest people. I am just stating a mere fact.

Despite  all the factors I enumerated above occur in call center industry, lifestyle is still the biggest one. Whatever industry you are in, it’s your choice whether or not to stay in a lousy lifestyle that can contribute to your total health. As far as I know, call center companies, like to where I previously worked with has free fitness benefits to their employees, but very few claim the freebies.

A big excuse in not exercising is the “lack of time”. But, is it really an excuse or just lazy enough? You answer. I have lots of friends who were able to sustain their body and kept themselves in shape due to they exchanged drinking sessions into working out.

Obesity or gaining weight is a general topic, call center is just the center of my article, as this is the industry where I came from.

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I am Ringo and allow me to say not an ordinary man. I've been working home base since 2009 and as of now, has no plans of returning to corporate. Web designer. Frustrated chef. Foodie. Good son (ehem!). Good father (to two labrador retrievers). And, a servant of God.


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    I am doing a piece of research on call centre obesity. Please can you help me find the article you mentioned the World Health Organisation did on obesity?


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