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Food Citations | January 21, 2018

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Why kids hate vegetables?

| On 24, Aug 2012

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PICKY EATERS. That is the dreaded word that most of the parents don’t want their kids to become. According to statistics, 80% of kids around the world hate vegetables. But, at the back of my head, I wanted to disagree. I can say that more than 90% of kids around the globe will shut their mouths when vegetables are served.

In order for kids to develop their motors, brains, brain functions and grow taller, they needed nutrients that can only be found to fruits and vegetables. Sadly kids hate them, and what’s more saddening, as the modern days go on, even teenagers, and some adults hate them also.

Here are some reasons why kids hate vegetables:

Genes, Anatomy and Getting Used to

On 2005, Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia conducted a study which reveals that kids can also get bitter-sensitive taste buds to their parents. Based on the Center’s data, 79% of kids has the same bitter-sensitive taste buds to one of their parents.

According to website, Kid’s Health the kid’s tongue contains more than 300% of the adults’ taste buds. Kids have more than 10,000 taste buds while adults has only 3,000.  Therefor, kids can taste bitterness more than adults do.

Kid’s health also added that kids also has the most sensitive nose, which is a very big factor in tasting foods.

According to a documentary by ABS-CBN, kids get used to the sweetness of the milk since they were infants, that’s why they are looking for the sweet flavor and will reject bitter tastes coming from vegetables. Same as the texture, kids don’t want the crunchy and juicy feelings from vegetables as they are used to the liquid milk.


According to Wealth and Health UK the parents’, and guardians’ food preferences create huge correlations to kids’ food preferences. Therefor, you should be blamed if your kids hate vegetables.

If you are not eating vegetables, a large percentage of possibilities that your kids will not going to eat vegetables as well. If you’ll going to show them that you prefer hotdogs and chicken nuggets than cabbage and cauliflowers, they’ll mimic you.

The Media

Kids are quite prone to idolizing, that’s why the media and the artists are big influences to kids’ food preferences. Does Sarah Geronimo endorsed brocolli? Or, Justin Bieber endorsing asparagus? The answer is no… They are endorsing a fast food chain and a soft drink brand, which have been hit my health experts due to appetizing, but unhealthy features.


Now, as a parent or a guardian, it’s your job to let them eat foods that will nourish them. Here are some ways that I found:

Give No Options

A local celebrity, through a guesting in a former show of Kris Aquino said that she once got problems in feeding her kids with healthy foods including vegetables. Her pediatrician then advised her that kids when became hungry, will eat, and, leaving them with vegetables on the table will make them munch the greenies.

Plant and cook with them

Kids by nature love to take care or living things and at the same time, always wanted to get the fruits of their labor. Buying vegetables and herbs in pots and planting them with kids can soon create a desire to eat the vegetables.

Cooking with them and boasting to everyone that the kids cook it can also help.

Imposing Rules

Many people said that imposing rules will never help. But, according to a study by econpapers, kids coming from higher class and middle class eat healthier than those in the lower class. This is because of the food rules that parents implement. In addition, in an experiment, kids who knows they should limit their junk foods, candies and other other unhealthy foods also know the importance of eating vegetables.

But, imposing rules shouldn’t come in nagging, applying force and hitting.

You can also bargain sometime, but don’t do it often.

Tricking Them

This is one of the best way. But, making them eat vegetables without them knowing is a surely one heck of a hard work.

I was a little successful in making my nieces dig through carrots and radish by making vegetable tempura. There are lots of recipes around the internet that features delicious gourmet, but made of healthy ingredients including vegetables.

A food dehydrator can make crispy vegetables like zucchini, carrots, cucumber, eggplants and many more. All you have to do is to season the vegetable with salt, little oil and turn on the processor.

Naming a dish after their favorite cartoon character can also do the tricks, but not often.

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