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Food Citations | February 19, 2018

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Yes Yes Yo! The Frozen Yogurt

Yes Yes Yo! The Frozen Yogurt

Last January 30, my sisters and nieces wanted to take a stroll in SM Fairview and because I’m in the mood to go outside, I joined them. While walking, one of my sis said she will treat my nieces for a cheap, frozen yogurt. And in my mind, a bulb lighted, brought my camera out and ready to aim.

Yes Yes Yo! The Frozen Yogurt is another product from Fruitas Group, the creator of Black Pearl and Cereal Chiller. This cart is serving delicious frozen yogurt  that has cheaper prices than others. This cart started in September 2010 and said through their website that they have a vision to provide healthy yet inexpensive food for Filipinos. I am a big fan of yogurt since I’m a kid, but haven’t tried Yes Yes Yo’s.

The Cart, Personnel and Product Price

The Yes Yes Yo! stall in SM Fairview was located in ground floor in front of Gerry’s Grill and near the SM Hypermart.

For the yogurt in cone, you will pay P25.00 and for a yogurt in a cup will cost you P35.00, quite cheaper than others. Per scoop of the toppings like apple, avocado, banana, lychee, melon, orange and pineapple is worth P5.00 and for kiwi, strawberry, candies, cookies, choc-nut, nips, peanuts, mini mallows, rice crispies choco and strawberry syrup will cost you P10.00 per scoop.

Yes Yes Yo Stall.jpg

My oldest niece, Erika “Cam whore” Perreras posing in front of the Yes-Yes Yo! stall in SM Fairview

The store personnel is a little shy. When I asked her name she declined. She was the one doing all the things like making the yogurt, taking care of the machine, adding the toppings and receiving the payments. That is very good for an employee, but the thing is there were times that it will take her longer to finish a task. I suggest that they add one more personnel that will take care of receiving the money.

When we go there, there is something wrong with the machine. The freezer wasn’t be able to completely freeze the yogurt despite we waited long and the personnel admitted that the machine was malfunctioning that time. She said it was the first time it happened.

In terms of cleanliness of the stall, I will give it 9 out of 10 (10 as the highest). I observed that her notebook and ballpen is on the table as she was the was the one taking care of all the things including receiving money and writing something on her notebook.

The Product, Presentation

After the personnel put the yogurt in our cups, she asked us what are the toppings of our choice. My three nieces chose mallows (above picture) and my sis was mango toppings. Then, she just add the toppings and gave it to us. As simple as that, no more extra hypes that will make it beautiful. For me it’s very ok, what we are talking about here is the taste.

Yes Yes Yo - Mango toppings.jpg

My sister’s order, Yogurt with Mango Toppings. Me, I ordered plain only

Taste and Verdict

Since I was a kid, I loved the sourly taste of yogurt and will dig down  large cup whenever it’s available. What’s best about Yes-Yes Yo! is that they separated their business from other stores catering yogurt in terms of price. They just simply kept their vision.

The product is very delicious as well. I prefer plain yogurts than those that have flavors in it. This is also a way to let kids enjoy delicious, but healthy treats.


Kahlen, my niece enjoying her cup of yogurt. She doesn’t know it’s very healthy

One of my nieces even came back to buy another cup as she really loved it. Out of nowhere, I asked my two older nieces of what they prefer between Selecta’s Buko Salad or the yogurt. They said that they loved the yogurt more.

I know, Yes Yes Yo’s is not the best tasting yogurt in town. But, give the stall a chance. Try it and you will never be disappointed with the taste.

A highly recommended stall, cheap, clean and very delicious.

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