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Food Citations | December 13, 2017

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Zac Efron eating balut eggs

| On 31, Oct 2012

As we all know American Heartthrob Zac Efron visited Philippines for an endorsement of a local clothing brand, Penshoppe. He made the thousands Filipino fans happy by attending a Fan Conference organized by the said company.

But, what’s also no really unknown is that Zac’s father used to visit Philippines and have enhanced Zac’s desire to visit this place by telling them stories about the “Indiana Jopnes” adventures here.

Aside from his commitments, before going in the country, Efron already made a checklist of the adventures that he must do, which includes swimming with whale sharks, mountain adventure and eating Philippine delicacies like adobo and balut eggs.

When he got back to America and guested to the Ellen De Generes show, Mr. Efron bragged about his journey to the mountains and he said that he was happy as people who are living near the mountains knew him.

“Believe it or not, we were in the middle of this base of a volcano near the jungle and still, even there, some fans came running out of the jungle. It was these two super cute little girls that just showed up. I couldn’t believe it. We hadn’t seen a face in like 30 miles and we’re on the ATVs, and out of nowhere, they just come running out, jumping and screaming,” Efron said.

For the promotion of his new movie “Paperboy”, Zac visited The Jimmy Kimmel Live and again, bragged about his visit to the Philippines and dubbed his visit as “unreal”. He even showed a video of him eating balut eggs on top of a volcano.

He described the taste as “Chicken broth” and added that “It’s not really bad, afterall”. He even noted that he ate more than three balut eggs that day.

What are balut eggs?

Balut eggs are delicacy in the Philippines. You can see busineness people catering these eggs usually at night and Filipinos can’t get enough of these treats.

These are fertilized duck eggs where the chick matured inside and they are cooked. Based on a research, the eggs are kept in a place where it’s warm for nine (9) days for maturity and then boiled. Duck eggs hat didn’t mature are called Penoy which is just an ordinary egg.

Balut eggs are best eaten with chilly vinegar and salt. Me, I also wanted it with ground pepper.

The tradition, culture and culinary of the Philippines is undeniably formidable, on a way that foreign tourists loved it and encouraged their generations to be here. This is something that we, Filipinos should be proud of.

To Mr. Efron, thank you for bragging your experience in the Philippines to the world and we are looking forward to your next visit. Next time try halo-halo, moron, puto Kalasiao and many more.

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