Binagol: The Sweet Treat In A Coconut Shell
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Binagol is a sweet treat in a coconut shell from the Visayas Region. It’s made from talyan or taro mixed with rice flour, sugar, and coconut milk.

Though the so-called “perfect speakers” mock it, the people of Visayas love their accent so much. They know it’s a representation of their rich geographical culture that has been preserved for centuries. We too, even we are not Bisaya, we should also be proud of it, or them, the people.

Another part of the region’s great culture is the fabulous cuisine. It offers an unbelievable technique and style.

One tiny snack, or we may say, dessert, is a standout. It’s one product that can represent the whole nation of Visayas.

It. Is. Binagol!

What is Binagol?

Binagol is a sweet delicacy from the Visayas that is awesomely packed and presented inside a coconut shell, making it a perfect candidate as pasalubong from tourists.


No other regions of the Philippines can claim it’s origin because the name is derived from the Visayan term “bagol,” meaning coconut shell.

According to a friend, this is first made from taro. However, people discovered talyan, a root crop that belongs to the same family of taro. It’s cheaper, much bigger, and easier to grow. Also, a binagol made from talyan has a longer shelf life than the one made from taro.

How to Make Binagol?

Talyan and taro are quite similar — both can cause irritations that’s why you should properly handle them before you peel and put them in the grater.

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Then it’s time to make the dough. To make it, you should combine the grated talyan flesh, ground rice flour, coconut milk, and brown sugar.


To make them look presentable, you should line the coconut shell with the dough and then cover it with latik (coconut jam). Then, cover the latik with dough. After, you must cover the entire coconut shell with banana leaves before tieing.

Then, you boil them to perfection.

Where to Buy Binagol?

In Visayas, specifically Samar and Leyte, stalls catering binagol are like mushrooms. They are in tourist destinations, public transportation terminals, public markets, in front of churches, and many more.


Tourists and locals can’t get enough of the treats that’s why you won’t have hard times looking for them.

The Taste and Verdict

From seeing the treats alone, I was delighted. When I opened one, my heart jumped out of joy and when I inserted my spoon and noticed the oozing fillings, I wanted to shout. It’s utterly irresistible.

The texture resembles a suman made from cassava but it’s softer, stickier, creamier, and the chewing experience is amazing. The oozing fillings complement the blander binagol and it’s something I’m always looking forward to.

This product is super amazing and no wonder, the demand for this is so high.

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