Biscoff Butter Cookie Spread Review
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The Biscoff Cookie Spread is an awesome product made from butter cookies. Though pricey, it’s worthy. Check my complete review below.

I believe in the saying “Men are Rice, Women are Sandwich,” figuratively and literally. Women are softer (in terms of physical attributes), but harder to make while men are harder but easier to cook. And since I belong to a group composed of both men and women, I also have proven this.

My female friends love to order sandwich meals when we use to dine in to fast foods while we, the men, love chowing the rice meals down.

I don’t usually dig in sandwiches, but just years ago, when my sister introduced The Biscoff Cookie Spread, I just made another exemption.

What is Biscoff Cookie Spread?


The Biscoff Cookie Spread is a bread partner that is made from crushed cookies added with some ingredients to make it smooth and creamy. From the definition – just what I first thought – it sounds awful. However, when I tried it, I instantly fell in love.

Biscoff Cookie Spread actually started as an entry in a culinary competition in Belgium named “De Bendenkers” (The inventors”). Els Scheppers uses Lotus Speculoos Cookies or known as Biscoff Cookies to make a delicious and smooth spread. This idea stood out in the competition to a point of becoming a finalist. Soon after, she was contacted by the company. The rest is history.

Els Scheppers deserve a statue!

This was first introduced as an official product of the company in the USA in 2011. In Belgium, within three hours it was released, all supermarkets just ran out of supplies with many consumers asking for more (how about that iPhone?).

The Demand

Now, this product continued to dominate the bread spread department of Belgium with some companies trying to penetrate it by making products of similar concepts. But, none was able to do so. In Singapore, I asked my sister if she uses to see this in the supermarket, she said yes. She added that she and her housemates love this and a war will start if Biscoff runs out. As far as her observation is concerned, she also use to see workmates bringing Biscoff in the office.


Price and availability? Well, I bought this Shopwise Supermarket near Don Antonio in Commonwealth Avenue. I also use to see this in SM Hypermarkets, Ever Gotesco groceries, and convenience stores.

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The 400-gram is worth P300+. If we’ll look at the price, we can say it’s high. However, the product is of high quality and allow me to say that the price is worthy.

Eat Biscoff Spread Like Monster

According to the packaging, you can also eat this with toast, apples, and many more. What’s great is that this product is good for vegans and featuring non-Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) ingredients.

I also love to eat it directly from the bottle. It brought out the tiny, sweet-tooth kid in me.

Biscoff Awesomeness


Biscoff Spread is a very great substitute for people who are sick and tired of chocolate spread, Nutella (or likes) and peanut butter. This is far different from the three, or better, I may say.

I love the creamy, sweet, and buttery flavor — just right for my preferences. The butter cookie flavor is quite strong, however, when consumed with bland bread, it is neutralized. There was also this smooth feel that will soon turn into a little grainy texture while chewing.

This is a highly recommended product. However, not very good for weight watchers as this is full-of-guilt sweeties.

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