Food Find: Flavored Yakult from Singapore
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Flavored Yakult from Singapore is awesome. I’m actually hoping that they will be brought in the Philippines.

During my colorful kiddie days, I used to jump out of joy whenever there’s a Yakult for me. Not just because of the good-tasting treat but also because I can be the superhero in my imaginary world.

The small bottle forced me to drink Yakult thriftily. So, I used to puncture a small hole in that aluminum mouth cover and will gradually sip small amounts to enjoy that creamy goodness of the drink little by little. Then, when I’m done, the fun starts.

Right after completely removing the aluminum cover, I’ll run to the kitchen to check if there are available rubber bands. If I saw one, I’m lucky. If there’s none, any strings will do.

I’ll tie the empty Yakult bottle on my wrist and hualla! I’m Astroboy and the Yakult bottle is the bazooka. I’ll even imagine fighting the bad guys with matching sound effects.

Those were the days!

My niece from Singapore appeared excited in one conversation on messenger before they take the flight for a vacation here. She said she had something for me and she knew I’d love it. When they arrived, I did.

She brought me a pack of flavored Yakult.


Availability of Flavored Yakult

The four-piece pack contains the original, grapes, orange, and apple. According to my sister, the flavored Yakult is ordinary in Singapore, and you can find them in 7-11 outlets and grocery stores.

My sister said the pack they bought for me is from the grocery stores and they worth $SGD5 per pack. Quite expensive if we’ll convert. However, for the experience, I can say, it’s ok.


Flavored Yakult-front

The only difference in the packaging are the colors of the aluminum covers. Otherwise, they are all the same. There is this free straw. However, I can say that they are only for children because adults will gulp a bottle immediately.

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Favorite Flavor

Though I still prefer the original flavor, I can say all are tasty. If you’ll slash the original one in the choices, the first flavor that I’ll pick is the orange. It might be flavorful because I’m not a fan of orange-flavored drink.


This pack of flavored Yakult my niece brought is amazing. You can easily identify what flavor you are drinking without looking at the bottle. Though they are expensive, a guilty pleasure after working hard won’t do something bad. I got them for free, anyway.

Five big stars for the flavored Yakult.

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