How to Make Sour Cream?
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Sour cream is one ingredient that is irresistible to everyone. But, the question is How to Make Sour Cream? Well, read further!

In one of my previous posts entitled Sour Cream and Mango Overload Recipe, I noted that sour cream is easy to make.

Yes, it’s easy to make and today, I’m going to prove it to you.

What is Sour Cream?

Sour cream is one favorite ingredient by cooks, bakers, chefs, and home kitchen managers.


The tingling sour kicks make it best as toppings to tacos, chips, barbecue, and many more. The delightful aroma and sensation, on the other hand, make it best to chocolate cakes, brownies, mousse, and ice cream.

This item is available everywhere. However, later, you’ll find out that those in the grocery aisle are overpriced, stating the fact that this is easy to make.

How to Make Sour Cream?

You’ll be surprised that you make this fabulous ingredient with your eye closed. Well, you can take the name literally — make the cream sour.


For this, you’ll need a clean bowl, a spoon or fork for combining the ingredients, clean cloth (handkerchief), and a glass jar. The good news is that this requires no cooking at all. You can just combine the ingredients and leave it so they’ll react to each other. This requires patience though.

This recipe only involves two ingredients — all-purpose cream and a piece of dalandan. If the latter is not available, you can use lemon or lime. I just like it because it’s not too sour.


Just dunk the cream in the bowl and put the dalandan juice then, mix like you are crazy a crazy man. While many people love using a hand mixer, I suggest you use a spoon because it’s small enough to fit the bowl. Plus, you can easily scrape the cream that sticks.

Put Sour Cream in fridge

After, cover the bowl with a breathable material like a handkerchief. It’s recommended that you use a rubber band to keep the cloth from falling off, which will expose the cream from foreign material.

Let the acid from the citrus fruit react in a few hours. Then, hualla! You now have sourcream.

How to Store?

The acid can only react to the cream at some point. Then, it’s already a part of a whole. So, to keep the freshness of the sour cream, you can keep it using a tight container.


Though this can last long, in our family, it won’t. We’ll immediately grab a bag of chips and munch on them using it as the dip while talking about life and our plans.

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