How To Use A Korean Rice Cooker?
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The Korean rice cooker is a user-friendly kitchen appliance that gives incredible results. These cookers are designed to cook rice perfectly, and the cooking process takes a little time. A Korean rice cooker ensures that your rice will not get stuck. You can make your rice more fluffy and tasty with a Korean rice cooker.

However, the Korean rice cooker has uniqueness in preparing rice, and for this reason, these cookers are the best in the market. To improve your cooking, you can use this cooker. While using a Korean rice cooker, you may question how to use this rice cooker?

How to Use a Korean Rice Cooker?

Korean rice cookers have worldwide popularity as the product can make the best rice meal. Usually, this cooker uses pressure while cooking the rice, which means the process is accelerated. Now have a look at this section if you are a new user of the Korean rice cooker.

Measure the quantity of rice

First, you should take a measuring cup to measure your rice grain. By using this rice cooker, you can prepare 2-10 cups of rice.

Place the rice into the cooking pot.

Wash the rice

You can wash your rice grain before cooking to remove  the unwanted particles to the rice. While washing, stir using your hand and let the rice submerge. This process will keep the rice at the bottom while the unwanted particles will remain afloat. You can then slowly drain the water.

Add water

The usual ratio of water and rice is 1:1. However, the the Korean rice cooker indicates the amount of water and rice added and you can measure it using the granulated marks.

Soak the rice

Though soaking the rice is not that necessary, doing so will lessen the cooking time. You can soak the rice for 30 minutes.

Soaking is also recommended for flavored rice because it will ensure the equal distribution of the flavor. After adding the flavor, push the rice grains and ensure that the rice is under the water level.

Select the right setting to cook

Unlike ordinary rice cooker, where you will just put and cook, Korean types come with different settings to cook different types of rice. Basic setting is the most common.

Turn on the rice cooker

Because it’s pressurized, Korean rice cookers usually come with a lockable lid. It is advised not to open it during the cooking process.

Let the cooker sit for a while

The cooker will turn off automatically when your rice is cooked. Now let the range sit for ten to fifteen minutes, and after that, remove the lid.

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Why Are Korean Rice Cookers So Expensive?

If you have any idea about the rice cooker market, you may have the question: “why are Korean rice cookers so expensive?”

Though the price differ from brand to brand, Korean rice cookers are indeed more expensive than their ordinary counterparts. However, we are guaranteed that these are high quality and long-lasting because Korean manufacturers don’t settle with sub-standard material to keep the price low.

Lastly, Korean rice cookers are more expensive because it feature advanced technology like unique rice cooking settings or options.

What’s So Special About Korean Rice Cookers?

Aside from cooking options, Korean rice cookers also has unique features that you won’t get from the common ones. They usually come with elvan coating, which make them sturdy, durable, and will definitely last longer. They are also bigger, so you can cook more rice.

Korean rice cookers can also keep rice warm for 24 hours while retaining moisture. They also feature easy clean-up system so cooking rice won’t be a painful task.

What Type of Foods Can You Prepare With Korean Rice Cooker?

Fortunately, with this rice cooker, you can also cook quinoa, oatmeal, cheesy polenta, risotto, chicken curry, and many more. You can also roast pork meat, ribs, vegetables, and make chicken soup.

As the Korean rice cookers pay attention to the temperature, you can also prepare plain cakes like vanilla and chocolate sponge cakes and pancakes. You can use this rice cooker as a primary cooking tool to cook pasta, scrambled eggs, hard and soft boiled eggs, rice pudding, and many more.

Final Word

We know that the Korean rice cookers are excellent kitchen appliances designed with modern features and cutting-edge technology. With them you can make super fluffy rice without a sweat.

The Korean rice cooker keeps the rice warm, which is its best part. You don’t need to keep checking the rice to verify whether it is cooked or not because this cooker has an automatic timer giving you more time to do more things like cooking your meal.

Korean rice cookers are expensive but worthy!

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