Misswa Noodles and Rice Review
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Are you looking for quality, affordable, and available 24/7  Pinoy comfort foods? You might want to check Misswa Noodles and Rice… it can definitely satisfy your late-night cravings.

The Miss Wa Noodles and Rice is a stall catering to people who want to immediately satisfy their stomach growls. It offers some of the well-sought Pinoy favorites such as lumpiang shanghai, siomai, and siopao. Plus, fronting an extraordinary dish that only a few offer.

The Locations

The stall where I dined is located along Dahlia Avenue near FEU Hospital. According to the Misswa Facebook page, there are already many branches around Metro Manila, which also include nearby schools like Ateneo, La Salle, and the university belt.


The stall design resembles the burger stands that boomed during the early millennium, with tall fixed chairs and aluminum tables, probably encouraging quickie dining. The combination of green and white is quite appealing to me.

The best about Miss Wa is that all locations are available 24 hours.

The Taiwan Miswa

The Taiwan Misswa is considerably the signature dish of this establishment. It is a flavorful vermicelli soup made special with pork intestines, meatballs, onion leeks, and seasonings. The crews will always remind the diners that the soup is best with a few drops of the special vinegar.


The Taiwan Misswa is utterly delicious and it’s one of the dishes that I will never forget to order. I’m not a fan of the vinegar, though.

Lumpiang Shanghai with Rice

The lumpiang Shanghai from Miss Wa is the best-looking shanghai I’ve seen. It’s like a work of art that is carefully tailored to be Instagram-worthy. However, unlike many food establishments, Miss Wa didn’t sacrifice the taste. The looks and the quality are well-balanced. Moreover, the serving fits the price perfectly.

Lumpiang Shanghai with Rice

I’ll put this lumpia on the higher list because I can say that the meat used is fresh while the added vegetables complement each other creating an explosive party in the mouth. The best part is that this is cooked to order and deep-fried so you can enjoy the crispy skin.

Crispy Chicken Chops

The crispy chicken chop is a chicken fillet offered by Miss Wa. Just like the shanghai, this is deep-fried until crispy and paired with a cheese sauce. I also enjoy this because it’s crispy and flavorful. Though I’m not a cheese lover, I can say that the bland breading of the chicken complements well with the salty and creamy flavor of the cheese. I still prefer the chili sauce and soymansi as a dip.

Crispy Chicken Chops

The meat is thin and frozen, that’s why there are times that they used to serve me with a dry fillet.

Siomai Rice

Of course, there’s fried or steamed siomai that will be paired with a cup of steaming rice. Though I can say, this is still considered delicious, it was not astounding. A little better than the siomai bought in local markets but not as delicious as the premium ones.

Siomai Rice

You can enjoy this meal with unlimited chili garlic and soymansi.

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Pork Sisig

This is the food that kept me confused. Unlike the usual sisig, this one is a bit dry and the color is a little darker.  I’m not sure but I think they add little to no mayonnaise and probably, it came frozen. It is also served in a paper bowl on top of rice, which I’m not a fan.

Sisig Rice

Though it’s a bit different, it’s still tasty.


Simple but amazing… that is Misswa’s Silvanas. It’s crunchy but not too sweet, which is what I want. The creamy fillings add more explosive flavor but won’t overpower the wafer. Overall, this is the best silvanas in terms of price vs quality.


However, this should be consumed immediately. Otherwise, it will lapse and will become soft.

Iced Coffee

The iced coffee is quite good as well. It’s brewed and the sugar is not overpowering. What I like about this is that you can still smell the aroma and taste the bitterness of the coffee — just like the classic ones. No extra, no fancy things, just coffee.

Miss Wa is Awesome

Miss Wa is one heck of a business. The owners knew that some of the biggest chains in the country don’t cater fresh hot soup as well as cook-to-order meals and took advantage of them. Now, people near Miss Wa can easily satisfy their stomach juices with foods Pinoys love without breaking the bank.

I’m hoping that Miss Wa Noodles and Rice branches out to as many locations as possible so many people can now enjoy such foods.

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