Tapawarma Review: The Cheap And Delicious On-The-Go Meals
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Tapawarma is one stall that makes the difference. It caters to people who would love a Pinoy to-go meals.

One of the most unraveling movies I watched is the 2007 film “Awake” featuring Hayden Christensen and Jessica Alba. It involves a nurse (Alba) who seduced a young but sick billionaire (Christensen) and later had a relationship with him. Then, they secretly married before his heart surgery that turned out to be botched in connivance with the doctor, who happened to be his friend. They want to acquire his wealth. However, because of a mother’s love, he was saved.

Watch the film, guys. It’s amazing! The twist of the events, especially during the latter parts, is breath-taking.

The Tapawarma

Speaking of twist, one stall that gave a twist to Filipinos’ comfort food is the Tapawarma. Well, from the name itself, it features tapa that is wrapped in a tortilla bread along with vegetables and other ingredients. It’s like the well-loved shawarma, however, the meat used is tapa. As time goes by, the store sells different products.

According to the website, the brand, which was established in 2017, is the brain-child of a struggling couple after a downfall. During the start, the couple was hands-on and have invested pain and blood. Now, the cart can now be seen in 50 locations and the company is aiming to have 500 carts in five years.


You can check all the branches here. I bought my Tapawarma in Ever Gotesco, which is located on the ground floor, after attending a church service before the pandemic. Unfortunately, I was not able to take good pictures since the mall was jampacked.

What is the Menu?

The stall sells the following:


Tapawarma Wrap

This is the pillar of the store. As mentioned above, this is a tapa wrapped with tortilla bread along with vegetables, condiments, and seasonings. This is the product that I ordered because I was about to go home when I stumbled with the stall.

Tapawarma Rice

According to Tapawarma’s Facebook fan page, this is the best seller. Well, I was not surprised since the Filipinos love eating tapa with rice. Well, it’s rice with the company’s signature tapa along with cheese, mayonnaise, mixed veggies, and other ingredients that are served in an attractive cup.

Tapawarma Noodles

A breakthrough in the wrap stalls, this product features noodles tapped with the signature tapa, mixed vegetables, cheese sauce, and garlic sauce that is served in the fabulous paper bowl.

Tapawarma Longwich

Another first in the industry, the Tapawarma Longwich is a substitute for people who wants thick bread. It is a hotdog bun filled with the signature tapa along with mixed veggies, cheese sauce, garlic sauce, and optional hot sauce.

Tapawarma Nachos

A delightful treat for chips addicts, the Tapawarma Nachos is like any other nachos but the meat is tapa. It is served with a paper plate and best eaten with your fingers.

The Stall Personnel


The stall personnel was amazing. He was polite and prompt in taking orders. I used to take pictures when he was preparing and I noticed he slowed down and even came to the point of not moving so I can have good shots.

He also granted my request of adding more mayonnaise.

The Bible Verse


What’s great is the bible verse written in the wrapper of the Tapawarma wrap. I actually felt good about it since I just attended church when I bought one. It actually pumped me to review the stall because of the same belief.

Well, we all need some divine push sometimes.



Because of the pandemic, Tapawarma wrap is the only dish on the menu that I tasted. I actually liked it. I love how the sweet and soft tortilla bread complements the salty tapa. The bland mayonnaise, spicy kicks of the hot sauce, and crunch from the vegetables add delight to my to-go meal.

With the breakthrough high-quality products, Instagrammable presentation, a great way to tell the words, and well-trained personnel, Tapawarma is such a recommended food stall.

Check Tapawarma website here.

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