What Is Pink Salt And Things We Need To Know About It?
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Pink salt is an extravagant seasoning that people crave. It’s well-sought because many claimed health benefits, alongside the “social -climber” color that makes it a great decoration in the kitchen. When your amigas saw a jar of pink salt in your kitchen, it will be a plus point for you.

Pink Himalayan rock salt is sprinkled on steaks to separate it from the others and of course, the price is much higher. It’s also sold on a saucer as a decoration for the so-called “gourmet meals” of the bankable restaurants.

Well, aside from the upper class-looking features, what are the other things we need to know about pink salt? Well, FoodCitations did some research.

How it is Formed?

Just like any other salt, this is made from sodium chloride. In fact, it’s 98% salt and 2% other minerals. According to Sciencebasedmedicine.org, the this is composed of 84 different traces of minerals. These minerals, especially iron, give the pinkish color of the salt.

Authentic pink salt is mined manually from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan. It is believed that this formed millions of years ago through the evaporation of ancient bodies of water.

Many believe that Himalayan pink salt for cooking will bring tremendous amount of benefit compared to ordinary sea salt and iodized salt.

Thank You Horses

Legends noted that the horses of the troops of Alexander the Great in 326 B.C. The army was travelling in the country now called Pakistan when they noticed that the horses licked the rocks and then, the rest is history.

It took the Pakistanis centuries to find its trade values, though.

Pink Salt is Pakistan’s Pride

The demand for pink salt is so high. The usage of it ranges from cooking to a spa treatment. You can even buy salt lamps with claims that it alone can give benefits to the user. 

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The Pakistanis take pride in mining the salt, which is located underneath the rocky hills of the Himalayas — Asia’s largest salt mine. The place produces tons of salt and welcomed millions of local and international tourists annually.

Subject to Abuse

Pink Salt

Pink rock salt is ancient and also considered one of the purest and safest salts in the world. That’s why people want to pay for it. However, a large percentage of the miners are still under poverty because many are taking advantage of it.

This is mined and then sold to businessmen in India and China in low price tag. Then, it is processed and sold to other countries in high markup. 

Things may change now. After several debates and local uproars, the Pakistani government expresses interest in adopting reforms to facilitate exports. Himalayan pink salt price will lower drastically in case this happened. 

Is it Really Beneficial?

Though many are claiming beneficial experiences, there are no concrete Scientific proofs that pink salt can bring extra compared to ordinary table salts.

As mentioned above, this is 98% chloride and 2% other minerals and given that small quantities that people use to consume, there’s no much measurable health effects. 

The only proven benefit of pink salt is the its pureness. Also, since it’s been covered for years, it’s not susceptible to contamination. 

What Salt Should You Use?

Well, what is the healthiest salt? As per research, there’s no salt healthier that others. Whether its Himalayan pink salt, seas salt, table salt, Black Hawaiian sea salt, Kosher salt, they are primarily composed of sodium chloride and the small amount of other nutrients are not enough to prove benefits.

Again, there are no concrete Scientific findings that have proven that the pink ones are better than the white ones. Well, if the subject is diamond, then we’re talking.

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