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FoodCitations.com is currently seeking authors who want to shine… brightly! This is now your moment. Tell the world your abilities.

Allowing writers to contribute would be enough to sustain this website and if you got what it takes, and want to tell a story about food then send us an email at foodcitations @ gmail.com (remove the spaces). I would love to discuss more.

When you write for us, you’ll get:

  • Lifetime link – This will help you gain authority or help your client gain Google points, traffic, and followers.
  • Full Credit of your post – Once approved, you’ll get a chance to have an author bio at the bottom of your article.
  • Readership growth

General Editorial Guidelines:

  • This website only accepts ORIGINAL articles about food and nutrition. So, if you have restaurant reviews, food product reviews, kitchen tools reviews, recipes, health and nutrition, and many more, send it to us. We may approve articles for special causes.
  • For recipes, the writeup should be at least 250 words (add 100-word intro) while for reviews and other articles, it should at least 500 words. The author’s bio is excluded from the count.
  • For recipes and reviews, we require your own pictures. For other stuff, pictures from Pixabay or other royalty-free stock are ok. Just send the links of the pictures as proof.


  • Create an awesome and eye-catching title.
  • Carefully write and proofread your article. We will reject spun articles immediately!
  • Be prepared for comments


  • Never send articles or suggest topics unrelated to food. If your client sells eyewear then you can write about food for better eyesight.
  • Never send articles about multilevel marketing, adult entertainment, pay-to-click websites, guns and ammunition, and many more. Check Google Adsense policies for the list of prohibited topics.
  • Don’t send articles with affiliate links (Amazon, link share, eBay).

What Now?

  • Email us at foodcitations @ gmail.com (remove the spaces) and suggest a topic or send the original article in document form.
  • If the article is approved we’ll publish it immediately.